Splash of Fun Coloring Game For Kids – App For Creation

Splash of Fun Coloring Game is an entertaining and educational art game for Android devices. Developed by Polish app developer Bobibobi, Splash of Fun Coloring Game is designed to fill the imagination of youngsters as they paint, color and draw to their heart’s content without having to use any actual paper or art supplies. unnamed

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Features Splash of Fun Coloring Game is an art app for children around the ages of two and three years old, but it also can be incredibly fun for older children and adults too (adult coloring books are now quite a big deal)! This app has lots of neat features that make it a win for kids. There is a variety of images to color, categorized into: for girls, dinosaurs, animals and nature, fruit and vegetables, underwater, and vehicles. There are over 200 extended colors and 18 basic colors to be used, and even the option to create your own images. Similar to various MSPaint-like programs and apps, Splash of Fun Coloring Game uses the common bucket tool to fill large areas at once, as well as paint, crayon and spray paint tools.


Splash of Fun Coloring Game Android App Review

Users can also add in highlights and shadows, use the eraser tool to fix mistakes, use an undo or redo functionality and change the size of whichever tool they are using. Splash of Fun Coloring Game also lets its users save their projects and work on them later. It is also possible to share saved creations on Facebook or send via email. Additionally there is built-in ambient background music (that can be turned off if needed or desired). Overall, Splash of Fun Coloring Game is a splendid game for entertaining kids (and adults) and can certainly help bring out the creativity stored up inside them. Appearance and Layout The appearance of Splash of Fun Coloring Game was designed with kids in mind and has a very friendly appearance. The background is pleasant to view and the colors are easy to see. The layout has been put together with thought, and each icon is well crafted (children who can’t read can still understand what the icon images mean). For some adults, it might be hard selecting a specific color on a small Android device, but kids generally are able to select the one they want easily. The general appearance and layout of Splash of Fun Coloring Game is excellent and very well put together. Value The Splash of Fun Coloring Game is free to use and only 14 MB to download. The replayability of this Android game is endless because it is up to the user’s mind how creative they want to be. Since the Splash of Fun Coloring Game can also act as a basic Paint-like app, adults can find extra value in it too! Go ahead and give it a try!


I Love Preschool For Kids With Offers over 50 Activities to Enjoy

I’ve always believed that tablets and phones are great learning tools for kids, and there certainly isn’t a shortage of educational apps available on Google Play. This means parents can always find something that’ll both entertain and educate their child without needless distractions. I Love Preschool features tons of fun and educational activities for kids to complete. Each activity is designed to stimulate learning and creativity, meaning your child will have fun figuring out how to do new things and complete tasks. Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

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Concept and Functionality When it come to children’s games, the one thing I focus heavily on is usability. It’s amazing how many games are too complicated and tricky to figure out, and kids just want to have fun. I Love Preschool, by Kids Games Projects, is just the opposite; menu navigation is very easy and instructions are clear and easy to understand. Each level in I Love Preschool features a text and audio overview of how to complete it, and kids can navigate through the menu via left and right arrow buttons. Activities are depicted by picture only, but that shouldn’t be a problem for kids who are just exploring the app and playing games at random. Features

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

I Love Preschool Android App

I’ve mentioned multiple times that I Love Preschool features many activities for kids to enjoy, but just how many are there? Currently the number sits at just over 50, which means it’s very unlikely that your child will run out of things to do anytime soon. It also means that the developer can freely add new activities in future updates. I Love Preschool is the perfect app to bring along on your summer vacation trip to entertain and educate your young ones. It also features multilingual support for languages such as Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, and Polish. Changing the language also changes both text and audio narration for activities, which is perfect for parents of multilingual kids. They can learn new words this way and experience the language they’re learning in a natural way. Value I Love Preschool is available to download from Google Play for free and currently doesn’t include in-app purchases. The developer mentioned advertisements, but I didn’t come across any during my review period. If ads are enabled, it will likely deter parents from downloading the game and handing it to their child, but the developer mentioned that ads can be disabled via in-app purchase when they’re added. Personally I’d rather pay a few bucks for the game simply because it offers tons of things for kids to do and is definitely a quality app. Overall, I Love Preschool is worth checking out if you’re the parent of a preschooler and you actively use your Android device as a learning tool. It’s very fun to play, easy to figure out, and kids have tons of cool activities at their disposal.