Take Candid Photos with Spopic

Spopic is a unique and interesting photo-taking app that let’s you take candid photos while using your phone. Developed by Valiko, Spopic takes spontaneous photos for you whenever you talk on the phone. It’s a rather unique approach to photography and will definitely take interesting photos for you. Features Spopic primarily features an app that automatically takes photographs every time it senses that your phone is by your ear. Once you bring your phone to your ear, Spopic will take a picture. The picture is then saved onto your phone’s internal storage. By swiping up or down, users can share or  delete photos taken. By swiping left or right, users can view the photos they’ve taken with Spopic. Users can turn off Spopic whenever they want to by simply tapping the on/off icon. Overall, we found Spopic to be quite fascinating and thought the photos it took were often so random and candid that it was actually rather interesting and entertaining. Most of the photos it took for us seemed to be tilted at an awkward angle (since very rarely do people hold their phone vertically up and down while talking), but they were easy to rotate and fix. We felt that Spopic might be a great app to use as a way to subtly take photos (e.g. when in a place where photo taking might be frowned upon).

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Appearance and Layout

Spopic Android App

Spopic Android App

Spopic has one of the most basic interface appearances that we’ve seen, with rough boxes and hard colors. We felt like we were looking at an unfinished app and felt that the app could definitely be made to look better. Since it is so simple and basic, it might appeal to those who like using simple apps with basic GUIs. Simple would be an understatement for the layout of Spopic. The options (on/off), share (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and delete are all easy to find and use. It would be hard to get confused with the layout in this app! The overall appearance and layout of Spopic is minimalist in its approach and simple to use. Value Spopic is completely free to download and use. At only 3 MB to download, Spopic is an easy app to get and use on your phone (if even occasionally). Spopic can even get you those photos that you otherwise wouldn’t have taken when in a foreign country or when you don’t want to attract too much attention to yourself. Overall, we enjoyed using Spopic and although we felt that it was quite basic, its minimalist approach gets the job done. Check it out and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.


Jelly Flop Game Review

Jelly Flop: Help the poor and helpless ocean critter fulfil his dreams to fly!  Concrete Software are living up to their name by delivering a solid and thoroughly entertaining Physics game.  Don’t let the flimsy and whimsical name deceive you – this is a smash hit game for sure and the millions of downloaders would be testament to this fact!

Gameplay: A poor little jellyfish is hanging on a ledge and he’s dropped to his doom.  Your job is to place bouncy platforms to repel him towards the magical feather.  The ultimate goal is to get enough feathers so that he can have wings so he won’t keep falling into trouble! Along the way you should collect the water droplets … just because that’s what a truly skilled hero would do.  Anyway… the poor bugger is somehow flying through the sky and is clearly out of his element, so you may as well do something good for the critter! Slick Controls: Very intuitive drag and release controls are used to create the platforms.  Each of the end points can be moved around afterwards, or the whole platform can be dragged around.  You can’t litter the screen with reflectors though because you have a limited supply of the stuff – it’s clearly represented by the pink bar in the bottom left corner of the screen.  The only slight thing which might not be totally automatic knowledge is that a double tap will remove the platform.  (It is explained in the tutorial so you will know this if you don’t skip through all the instructions.)

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Monster Crew – Game Free For Android Restrain your zenthusiasm with Quell Zen Beach harmony: It’s been so long since I’ve been so enlightened by a game!  The lively tropical music is interwined with real sounds from the sea taking you for the full beach-side experience.  As the jelly-fish bounces and wobbles his way around the screen I’m totally mesmerised and reaching the final feather has so much satisfaction. Probably the best thing about this game is its Angry Birds fun factor – anyone can pick it up to play and enjoy it.  If you’re unsure about a level then you can just build your path slowly because you can test your setup anytime and a trail of where the jelly fish travelled will be left behind.  The platforms will stay in place too so you don’t have to keep redrawing them.  This way no one can get stuck and it’s up to yourself to control yourself and set your own difficulty. Rating: 5/5  Addictive and amazing – it must be downloaded by all. It’s been a long time since we’ve come across such a fun and original game! 100 levels for free – what more could you ask for? Jelly Flop Tips from Android Games Review

  • The longer you draw your rubber reflectors then the more accurate the angle of your platform.  This in turn will give you more control over the jelly-fish reflection.  So if you’re having problems controlling the bounce direction then draw longer platforms.
  • You don’t have unlimited rubber so if you did extend the platform length as per the above tip then I suggest reducing the platform after you’ve confirmed that you have the correct angle.
  • If you’re a true elitist then you should try using the shortest reflectors you can – it should increase your level score.
  • Sometimes you can have scenarios where you’ve got the right angle but you’ve missed a water droplet by a smidgen.  In those scenarios you should drag the whole reflector around so you don’t lose your angle of reflection.

Monster Crew – Game Free For Android

  Monster Crew: Smash and grab the loot in this endless platformer! Finally we’ve found a uniquely stylised game which is fresh and original in multiple different ways.  Keep reading to hear more… Gameplay: You play as Frankenstein and need to run through the spooky infested halls whilst destroying pretty much everything (and not killing yourself in the process!).  You’ll keep running forever and one tap the screen will make you jump.  Tap again and you’ll stomp down destroying anything below.  Most likely you’ll find some coins in the process but otherwise you can pick up a lot of loot just lying around in the stage.  But hey… it’s way more fun to just destroy everything! In essence this it very much like Jetpack Joyride – for those of you who haven’t heard of this game: Jetpack Joyride is probably one of the best endless runner games around and its addition of micro reward missions and upgrade packs have made it an incredibly addictive game.  Monster Crew has adapted this winning formula and put it into their own platform game.  The fundamental game differences are that Monster Crew is broken up into short levels which go from right to left as well as the classical left to right, and it is ultimately a platformer where the enemies are trying to attack you.  There’s also an energy bar instead of the insta-kill style of Jetpack Joyride. Mini mission fun: Let’s be honest… prancing around endlessly through medieval hallways can get tedious quite quickly.  So sets of mini target missions are placed into the game to help to break up the monotony.  These small objectives vary from collecting coins to smashing targets and keep you entertained through the repetitive corridors. Story Fun:  Upon completing a pack of mini missions you’ll get a new story set as well as more targets.  These little comic sketches are pretty damn awesome – the fab graphics and great stylisation breathes more life into the game and makes it very entertaining.

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Game extras: The upgrades for your character, Frank, are set at quite expensive levels.  But aside from these powerups there are also bonus cards which you can use to boost your abilities within a level.  You can strategically cast these at the beginning of every level in order to maximise on coin collection.  Unfortunately, like a deck of cards, you’re randomly assigned a hand and you can’t just stick to the cards you find helpful. Rating: 4/5 Monster Crew is a great twist on an endless runner game.  It has the game structure of Jetpack Joyride but with more variety and complexity.  It’s got a slight money grabbing feel which tarnishes it’s name and could deter you from coming back to keep playing. Developer: BonusXP Monster Crew Tips from Android Games Review

  • Many objects can be be destroyed – even the ones which don’t look like crates.
  • Focus on surviving longer to get better rewards.  This means that you should not be too greedy and focus on avoiding the enemies and obstacles.
  • Very often running into one enemy can cause you to lose alot of energy because it’s very difficult to leap over them after the initial collision… so really focus on avoiding enemies.
  • If Frank is moving from left to right, and you’re right handed then there’s a tendency to tap on the right of the screen.  If this is the case, then tap slightly higher on the screen so you’re not obstructing your vision.  Otherwise try tapping with your left hand instead.
  • There seems to be no way to see your inventory/deck of cards, so the simplest suggestion is to not use them until you’re sure the benefits will have great impact.  It may seem like you’re accumulating cards unnecessarily, but otherwise you’ll be drawn into an endless spending cycle.
  • Focus on completing the missions to get more reward bonus cards.