Take Candid Photos with Spopic

Spopic is a unique and interesting photo-taking app that let’s you take candid photos while using your phone. Developed by Valiko, Spopic takes spontaneous photos for you whenever you talk on the phone. It’s a rather unique approach to photography and will definitely take interesting photos for you. Features Spopic primarily features an app that automatically takes photographs every time it senses that your phone is by your ear. Once you bring your phone to your ear, Spopic will take a picture. The picture is then saved onto your phone’s internal storage. By swiping up or down, users can share or  delete photos taken. By swiping left or right, users can view the photos they’ve taken with Spopic. Users can turn off Spopic whenever they want to by simply tapping the on/off icon. Overall, we found Spopic to be quite fascinating and thought the photos it took were often so random and candid that it was actually rather interesting and entertaining. Most of the photos it took for us seemed to be tilted at an awkward angle (since very rarely do people hold their phone vertically up and down while talking), but they were easy to rotate and fix. We felt that Spopic might be a great app to use as a way to subtly take photos (e.g. when in a place where photo taking might be frowned upon).

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Appearance and Layout

Spopic Android App

Spopic Android App

Spopic has one of the most basic interface appearances that we’ve seen, with rough boxes and hard colors. We felt like we were looking at an unfinished app and felt that the app could definitely be made to look better. Since it is so simple and basic, it might appeal to those who like using simple apps with basic GUIs. Simple would be an understatement for the layout of Spopic. The options (on/off), share (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and delete are all easy to find and use. It would be hard to get confused with the layout in this app! The overall appearance and layout of Spopic is minimalist in its approach and simple to use. Value Spopic is completely free to download and use. At only 3 MB to download, Spopic is an easy app to get and use on your phone (if even occasionally). Spopic can even get you those photos that you otherwise wouldn’t have taken when in a foreign country or when you don’t want to attract too much attention to yourself. Overall, we enjoyed using Spopic and although we felt that it was quite basic, its minimalist approach gets the job done. Check it out and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.