Dragon Ball: Fusions Reviews For 3DS

Dragon Ball: Fusions Reviews For 3DS

Humor is an element of the Dragon Ball series that often goes overlooked in games. Where many Dragon Ball Z games effectively showcase superpowered combat, Dragon Ball Fusions is an attempt to embrace the sillier side of Dragon Ball in gaming form–though, sadly, it falls victim to repetitive combat and dull progression systems.

In some ways, Fusions feels like a companion game to the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series. Much like those games, you start off by designing a custom character based on one of the various races from the show, picking facial features, a hairstyle, and an accompanying voice. Once you’re done, you’re immediately thrust into the colorful world of Dragon Ball. The bright, often surreal environments and structures from the Dragon Ball universe are beautifully rendered on 3DS, and although the ability to view the game in 3D had to be sacrificed in the process, it’s not a huge loss.

Your adventure begins as you and your pal Pinnich–an original character created for Fusions–find the last of the Dragon Balls, earning the right to make a wish. Pinnich is a pretty simple-minded type: he wants to have the biggest, baddest tournament ever to determine the strongest warrior in all of the Dragon Ball universe. Before you know it, a wide range of the series’ locales are combined into a towering vertical universe, and everyone from across the franchise’s history is now trying to find teammates for the upcoming brawl. Pinnich has gone his own way, but you make fast friends with familiar faces: Trunks, Goten, and young Goku. With the help of other Dragon Ball favorites, you’ll meet and recruit numerous other characters to your team, ascend further skyward, and hopefully take the title of the greatest fighters the universe has ever seen.


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In between battles, you’ll soar around 3D environments, exploring and battling foes that cross your path while finding the means to progress further. There are towns to visit along the way that offer side quests, places to shop, and people to chat with. Fitting with the game’s overall lighthearted tone, your chats with NPCs tend to be on the silly side–though they may be ally or foe, you’re more likely to discuss things like food and puns than you are to address the bigger conflict at hand. Unfortunately, Fusions’ localization leaves something to be desired: there’s no English voice acting, some character names are inconsistent across menus, and there are times when dialogue in text boxes cuts off entirely.

You control up to five characters in a flat, overhead-view 2D space, fighting against a team of up to five opponents. As you battle, you and your foes move around the arena. This positioning proves to be very important in numerous ways. For example, if you’re close to friendly characters, they can help the fighter you’re currently commanding land some extra damage. If you’re launching a melee attack against a foe, you can try to knock them in a direction where another ally character will hit them, or you can smash them against another enemy for a pool-style ricochet effect. If you decide you want to fight with ki blasts or special moves instead, you can try to hit multiple enemies in a line or go for an area-of-effect technique. If you manage to knock an opponent out of the arena entirely, you’re treated to a cutscene, extra damage, and you reset their turn. But you must stay on your guard, since these same rules apply to your foes’ attacks as well.


Attacks big and small are accompanied by an unskippable cutscene. While these initially replicate the dynamism of the fights in the anime and manga, repeatedly seeing the same animations greatly diminishes their impact over time. Zenkai attacks, which use stock from a bar that charges over the course of battle, briefly turn the game into an action aerial dogfight where you slug it out one-on-one with a chosen enemy for big-time damage. The titular Fusions allow you to combine characters using the ever-so-ridiculous Fusion Dance, granting the resulting character stat buffs and access to advanced techniques–along with some pretty funny-looking character hybrids.

There’s even a fusion skill that combines all five characters participating in battle into a single, superpowered warrior, who then launches an intense assault for a huge burst of damage. While this last option consumes a lot of resources, more or less emptying your power bar, it’s immensely fun and provides benefits beyond just incredible damage, such as reviving warriors on your side who might have been knocked out. Again, your foes can also do these techniques, meaning that you’re technically on equal footing in terms of your combat resources–though, depending on their level and team makeup, their abilities may vary.


This all sounds pretty cool on paper, but in practice, it quickly turns into a slog. Attacks big and small are accompanied by an unskippable cutscene. While these initially replicate the dynamism of the fights in the anime and manga, repeatedly seeing the same animations greatly diminishes their impact over time. Fighting low-level enemies to farm energy and, eventually, recruits becomes an exercise in tedium.

Characters are designated as power, speed, or technique types in a triangular advantage/disadvantage system, which can be a real pain if you wind up in a lopsided fight. Even then, most of the non-boss fights in this game aren’t hard–they’re just drawn-out and repetitive. The frustrating elements of fighting come to a head at Fusions’ end, where the game starts asking you to perform very specific actions in combat in order to win battles–a sharp contrast to the free-form fighting seen earlier in the game.


Ultimately, Dragon Ball Fusions feels like a game with some great ideas that could’ve been executed better. The interpretation of the Dragon Ball world is great, and the fun of allowing all kinds of fan-fiction-style character fusions is a strong basis to build a fan-service-laden romp around. If the progression felt a bit less stilted and fights weren’t drawn out, repetitive affairs, this would be one of the strongest Dragon Ball games out there. Alas, just like Hercule in the series, Dragon Ball Fusions postures and promises more than it actually delivers.

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Hoyle Blackjack Review

Hoyle Blackjack Review

The Hoyle card game series from Sierra has long been recognized as a source of inexpensive entertainment for computer game players who enjoy something a little less violent than the slew of enormously popular gorefest games available today for the PC. Hoyle Blackjack is no exception — Sierra has once again released an addictive, economical card game and has even thrown in extra bells and whistles to boot.


Free online solitaire games

Hoyle Blackjack is a full-featured blackjack simulation that captures many of the elements of gambling in a real casino. Starting off with $5,000 in chips and $5,000 in the bank (which you can withdraw from a handy ATM located in the casino), you can risk high stakes at the table without having to worry about losing any actual money. There is even a tutorial and hint mode to familiarize beginners with the basic strategies of blackjack. Play solo against the dealer, computer opponents, or, with the Windows 95 network option, up to three other human players via the Sierra Internet Gaming System. There are also a variety of casino play styles to choose from, as well as a style customizer which allows you to change such variables as the number of decks at the table and the number of allowable splits per game.


Hoyle Blackjack Review

As if this wasn’t enough bang for the buck, Sierra also paid close attention to the small details in Hoyle Blackjack by adding tasty little extras for that “real-feel.” The blackjack table is textured so realistically you nearly feel the felt under your mouse as you place your bet. To add even more realism, the dealer and the other characters comment on your performance as you play. Luckily, Sierra has included an attitude adjuster for the dealer, allowing you to manipulate just how much of your dignity (and money) he/she will walk away with at the end of the night..

By combining good looks with amusing gameplay, Sierra has done it again. If you’re searching for a blackjack simulation that won’t break the bank, Hoyle Blackjack is the finest you’ll find.

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Hoverwatch Gives You a Bird’s Eye View–Android App Review

Hoverwatch Gives You a Bird’s Eye View

Parents today definitely have a tough job when it comes to ensuring their loved ones are safe—even from themselves. One way that helps where online safety is concerned, is to monitor a variety of activities so you know what’s going on. Privacy, or the lack thereof, is a touchy subject but in some cases, such as parents of young kids with smartphones, parent’s have a duty to know what their kids are doing and make sure they’re safe. You may have other reasons to monitor online activity, and in cases where it’s perfectly legal, it’s good to know there are tools and services available to get the job done.

An excellent option for monitoring a host of online activities is Hoverwatch. Developed by Refog, Inc., Hoverwatch is a fantastic way to keep tabs on all sorts of activities being done on the device you want to track, as well as the location of the device itself. Be it a an Android device, an iOS device, a Windows computer or a Mac you can easily keep track of text messages, WhatsApp messages, Facebook activity, the device’s location, and more.

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Hoverwatch Gives You a Bird’s Eye View

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Concept and Functionality Hoverwatch gives you basically what you would expect: users can install the application on the intended tracking device, and then monitor its use from afar in real time without the actual user knowing. That sounds invasive (and it is, we suppose) but there’s good reason for it. With Hoverwatch, a parent can easily see what their child has been up to, and determine if any monitored activities have potentially endangered them. The application keeps records of all incoming and outgoing text messages, regardless of whether they’re deleted on the device or not. Likewise, all call records are kept safely on the company’s servers. Hoverwatch Android App It goes beyond this, though. Let’s say the individual with the device is not where they’re supposed to be—you’re concerned, but what do you do? By using GPS tracking, Hoverwatch can monitor the devices location, allowing you (or the authorities) to quickly locate it and resolve the situation. You can even listen to the device’s surroundings through the application, allowing for unprecedented control and security. It’s smooth, effective, and endlessly useful. And if you’re using another application similar to Catch Me If You Can, we can assure you that it offers as many or more features.

Design and Graphics When it comes to layout and design, Hoverwatch is also everything we could hope for and more. It’s good-looking, easy to navigate, and of course, totally silent. If you don’t want the device user to know the application is running in the background, they will never see it. This allows or perfect security across the board, which is of pretty obvious value. We also appreciated how well the desktop, browser-based version of the app ties directly into the mobile app. You can, in fact, have a number of devices all running Hoverwatch, and monitor them all directly from the Web. This kind of functionality is not only useful, but downright gorgeous.

Overall Value At the end of the day, Hoverwatch is a terrific app with a specific purpose. The Personal edition lets you track one device and is $19.95 per month or $8.99 per month if you sign up for one year. The Family Plan lets you monitor up to 5 devices and $39.95 per month or $199.95 for a year, which comes out to $3.33 per month for each of 5 devices. If you’re interested in the functionality of this type of app, it’s worth it to check out the site to see all that the service covers. And as stated, if have a legitimate need for an app like this one, Hoverwatch is easily one of the best in the genre. Hoverwatch is easy to set up, easy to use, solid, well-designed, and feature-packed.

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Solitaire Party is One Party Not To Miss-Android Apps Games Review

Solitaire Party is One Party Not To Miss

Mobile games can be really fun, but if you tend to collect them they’ll end up occupying a significant amount of space on your Android device. If you’re looking for a fun new solitaire game bundle, Solitaire Party is the one for you. Created by BP Mobile Games, this bundle of classic solitaire games will surely keep you entertained for hours on end.


Mobile games can be really fun

Concept and Gameplay Solitaire Party is a suite of your favorite solitaire games: Klondike, Freecell, Golf, Forty Thieves, and Spider (1, 2, and 4 suits). Sometimes called a patience game, this solitaire card game collection has all the ones you want to play. It’s very easy to switch between game modes and tweak them to your liking. Gameplay is very simple and you can choose to either tap once or tap and drag cards to play your moves. Figuring out how to play is super simple and you’ll be flipping cards in no time flat. Solitaire Party is very straightforward on how to do different things like set up games exactly how you want them, so you don’t have to worry about things getting boring. One of the aspects that I really like about Solitaire Party is the fact that you can customize the cards themselves. It’s very easy to change the backs and fronts of the cards by choosing from a nice variety of designs. Solitaire Party makes it easy on players who might find themselves in a pickle by providing unlimited free hints. This is particularly rare to find in games because hints are often a premium feature or they’re available in very limited supply.

solitaire-8-games-android-app-review 2

Solitaire Party Android Game

Features Solitaire Party packs a pretty big punch for such a small game. In fact, one of the key features of the game is that it occupies less than 4 MB of space. For once you won’t have to worry about removing games or other apps in order to make room if you’re low on device space. If you like daily tasks in games, Solitaire Party even includes daily challenges for you to complete. This is an awesome feature because it allows you to come back to the game and experience something totally new.

Value Solitaire Party is available to download from Google Play for free and does not include any in-app purchases (that I could find). Overall, Solitaire Party is a very solid solitaire game that I highly recommend trying. It offers tons of variety and hours of fun with a very light download size.

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Press Release: Kids Games Projects Updates I Love Preschool

Press Release: Kids Games Projects Updates I Love Preschool

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Poznań, Poland – June 30, 2016 – Kids Games Projects recently released an update for their latest game, I Love Preschool. This suite of over 50 educational activities for kids is sure to appeal to both parents and youngsters alike. Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

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Kids Games Projects Updates

Utilizing years of experience creating apps and games for children, the developers of I Love Preschool have crafted an app that will help parents have a positive influence on their child’s intellectual capacity. The app achieves this by utilizing an impressive variety of activities to help children develop a stronger vocabulary and understand cause and effect relationships all the while making learning and preschool a fun experience. The developers of I Love Preschool are very clear about the overall design goals for the app. Wojciech Wawrzyniak, the president of Kids Games Projects, explains that “The objectives of the app are to expand a child’s vocabulary, to teach about cause and effect relationships through accomplishing tasks, and to show that preschool is a form of spending time in a nice way (useful for children, who are going to preschool for the first time).”

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game review

I Love Preschool features clear narration and activity instructions that are very easy to follow. This ensures that children can pick up an Android device and begin playing immediately without parents standing by to provide assistance. A recent review by AndroidAppsReview.com gave I Love Preschool a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and commended the app’s multilingual support. According to the reviewer, “Changing the language also changes both text and audio narration for activities, which is perfect for parents of multilingual kids.” The review continued with its praise for the multilingual aspect of the app saying “They can learn new words this way and experience the language they’re learning in a natural way.” I Love Preschool can be downloaded from Google Play for free and is designed for Android devices running version 2.3 or newer. Update 1.32 added a request for users to leave a review for the app in Google Play, as well as a new “random scene” feature. About the Developer:

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Kids Games

Based in Poland, Kids Games Projects was founded in 2014 with the mission to entertain and educate children around the world. Their applications have been designed to teach cause and effect relationships in a simplified way that’s easy for kids to understand. Apps are designed to stimulate children’s senses through pictures, sounds, and touch. Applications developed by Kids Games Projects are translated into many languages and tasks in the game are read clearly by a professional narrator for the following languages: English, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.


Big Bang Racing from TrapLight shouldn’t be missed

Big Bang Racing from TrapLight shouldn’t be missed

Trials racing games were all the rage a few years ago. They are still somewhat popular, but their arrival in the Play Store has diminished a bit. If you enjoy those types of games, then you should check out Big Bang Racing from TrapLight. The game is fun, has plenty of content, challenges and cute and engaging graphics. The controls are spot on too, which helps with these types of games. Though the game has been out for a few weeks, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of your attention.


Big Bang Racing

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Trials type games have to strike a very fine balance. They can’t be too hard, or players will give up playing the game. If they are too easy, people will quickly lose interest. Big Bang Racing strikes the right balance with excellent gameplay, a wide-array of tracks, online racing and simple to use and well-implemented game controls. It also doesn’t hurt that the main character is a cute little alien, that unfortunately, due to some of the obstacles on the courses, meets his timely end in a multitude of ways. You can share replays of his demise with your friends too.

“Outrun players around the world in action packed races, or collect treasures from puzzling adventure tracks. Create and share your own levels, upgrade your rides, and customize your characters with the swaggiest hats in the galaxy.” – Traplight Ltd.


Big Bang Racing

There is an amazing trials racing game that never made it to Android. Bike Baron, which was released on iOS in 2011 by Qwiboo and Mountain Sheep was excellent. I am still hoping one day it will come to Android. Nevertheless, Bike Baron had tons of tracks and plenty of users because of the quality of the game, and the game’s ability to have its players make their own tracks. Big Bang Racing has the same quality of gameplay and also the ability to create tracks. The track editor is pretty easy to use too. Currently, there are over 20,000 tracks. Not only can you create and race on other peoples tracks, you can also rate how much you like the tracks. In the era of social gaming, it is not surprising that you can add a thumbs up or down, on something that someone else has created for your enjoyment. I have come across some really neat tracks that are enjoyable, and others that are brutally difficult. Much like the game Mekorama, having an active social community surrounding the game, greatly extends the life of the game.

Within the game you have two different vehicles that you will control. You will either control a dirtbike or something akin to a dune buggy. Each of the vehicles are fully upgradeable. Upgrades become available when you win your races, or when you unlock adventure chests. As with most free to play games, the chests are unlocked after a period of time has expired, or you can do so using coins/gems. Once unlocked, various parts of your vehicle can be upgraded. It also costs coins to install the upgrades. During my time playing the game, the free-to-play structure did not feel forced. You can enjoy playing the game without the pressure of feeling like you have to spend your personal cash.


Big Bang Racing

The game is easily set up for you to enjoy, which means simple controls. The on screen buttons include arrows on the right side of the screen for controlling your vehicle left and right, and two additional arrows on the left side of your screen that control your vehicle’s rotation while in the air. Being able to deftly control your vehicle will mean the difference between winning and losing races, as well as not being electrified by obstacles or crushed by other elements on the course. The controls work extremely well and enhance the gameplay quite a bit. You never feel like you have to fight the controls to make your vehicle do what you want.

There is an element of adventure to the game as well. While you are playing the campaign portion of the game, you will encounter courses that require you to find three different pieces of a map. Once you have found all the pieces of the map on a level, you are able to unlock a chest. As mentioned before, the chests allow you to upgrade your vehicle and more. Typically when a chest is unlocked you will acquire gold coins, nitro, cards for upgrades such as steering wheels, turbo chargers, brakes, etc. Other key pieces in the chests include elements for building your tracks like exploding barrels, treadmills, elevators, trees and fences. While you are playing the game and amassing all of these different parts, it is fun to be able to go into the track editor to see what you can put together and create. Think of it as Minecraft for racing.


Think of it as Minecraft for racing

Big Bang Racing Features:

Drive in tens of thousands of player created levels Ride with two cool vehicles – Dirtbike and Offroad car Collect upgrades, treasures and fun new items Create and share your own tracks Race against real players from all over the world Team up, beat other teams in Weekly Seasons and get awesome prizes Climb the ranks in global and local leaderboards Customize your character with cool hats There is a lot to love about Big Bang Racing, from user-generated content to upgrading your vehicles to some really amazing courses. As a matter of fact, one course still sticks out in my mind as being brilliant. You had to find the three different map pieces, but all of the pieces were buried in the soil. The course was multi-tiered. You had to use your off road buggy to dig in the soil to find the map pieces. Watching the soil deform and placing your vehicle just right to fall from a precipice above to catch the piece of the map on the way down is still memorable. Seeing what other players come up with for courses is just part of the fun.

If games like this appeal to you, or creating levels for other gamers is your cup of tea, then by all means download Big Bang Racing. Plus, if you still miss not having Bike Baron on your mobile device, Big Bang Racing will go a long way in making you feel better, about having a game that is just as enjoyable.


Google Maps just made exploring cities easier than ever–Apps Archives

Google Maps just made exploring cities easier than ever

Google is rarely one for a fanfare, and the recent changes to Google Maps likely went unnoticed by many. Aside from some delicate aesthetic improvements, Google has now added “areas of interest”. These algorithmically selected and highlighted areas could change the way you explore cities both new and familiar.

You may have noticed that Google Maps has developed a breakout of peachy blotches. These areas of discoloration over the face of the earth are symptomatic of a new feature that Google recently rolled out.

Each peachy stain represents an “area of interest”, that is, an area particularly busy with economic and social activity, be it shops, bars or restaurants.


AndroidPIT google maps areas of interest 1

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The new shading extends to individual buildings. / © AndroidPIT Browsing around Berlin, I found the results to be pretty accurate, highlighting popular and interesting areas containing many of my favorite spots. That is not to say the algorithm is perfect. There are problems: some cities are all but covered in orange, only businesses added to Google Maps register, and, ultimately, Google is not really in the cartography business but the advertising business.

Nonetheless, for a quick overview, it’s a very promising feature, and one that I will no doubt find myself using the next time I visit a new city or head to a neighborhood I am unfamiliar with.


AndroidPIT google maps areas of interest 2

Some cities, such as Prague, are a little over-saturated. / © AndroidPIT And, as is Google’s forte, it has implemented something extremely complex in a deceptively simple fashion, so simple that is easily overlooked or underestimated.

Aside from this exciting addition, Google has made Maps subtly more attractive, dispensing with inessential elements, such as road outlines, and adjusting its color scheme to make different areas and building types more readily distinguishable.

What do you think of Google’s areas of interest? Will you be making use of the new feature?