Red Tails – It’s a Should See film – Bring your children

I begrudgingly give this film five stars. I give it five for only two reasons. Firstly, because it brings out an awareness of a period of time in history largely left in obscurity and secondly for the technical aspects of the air combat sequences. However, these are the only redeeming qualities I found or I might have lowered the rating watch Central Intelligence hd online free. I’m normally willing to judge a film based on its merits but this one was poorly conceived especially for a Lucas film. Although George Lucas has come under fire in the past for his dialog and direction I have always felt he put forth the best in Saturday Matinée, swashbuckling motion pictures.

Red Tails

Red Tails

Most people have no idea how much work goes into even the smallest of projects (This includes the critics) so I don’t pass judgment on films lightly, watch movies hd online. This film misses on so many levels which is sad. The sound quality was sub-par for the company that has been THE bar for almost all action films of this type. The score cannot be something Lucas is happy with either; I’ve heard episodes of HBO shows with better original music.But the worst thing of all in my opinion is that the whole thing looks like it should have been a Hallmark television movie instead of a feature. I work in the industry and can only imagine all the work that went into this passion project of Mr. Lucas. It just so sadly doesn’t even come close to his past work. At first I felt the use of digital cameras was a poor choice as well because of the television like appearance, but there were other considerations All Is Lost – What is lost here is… reality!. Perhaps the film has suffered because Mr. Lucas had to bankroll the lion’s share of the budget. This was a film that one normally would believe the budget to be in the one hundred million dollar range instead of the fifty-five million. The lower budget possibly made it necessary to do short-cuts where George didn’t have to in past projects. All of these things I’ve said considered, I still recommend that people go see this film and take their children ten and older. This is a project that will bring out a valid part of history that so few know exists where to watch Cell. Plus the dog fight scenes simply MUST be seen on the big screen. The use of digital photography instead of film was likely a cost saving measure as well but the clarity of the aerial combat scenes made the use of digital the correct choice. If you read this and find this review please give it a thumbs up.


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