Pinball BOOM is a Spooky New Twist on the Classic Arcade Game

Pinball BOOM is a Spooky New Twist on the Classic Arcade Game

In my opinion, pinball is one of those games that gets better with age. I thoroughly enjoyed it as a kid and even as an adult I never pass up the chance to try out a new pinball game. Pinball BOOM brings a scary Halloween twist to this classic arcade game. Created by Gaming Chef, this Halloween pinball game is lots of fun once you’ve taken a little time to get used to it.


Pinball BOOM

Concept and Gameplay The only thing I can say about Pinball BOOM is that in order to play it, you have to try and forget everything you know about pinball in the first place. In some ways Pinball BOOM really is scary and frightening since it isn’t like traditional pinball where you have to control the ball using your flippers. Instead, the flippers move automatically and you have to tap the screen to propel the ball through the air. Instead of stationary objects and obstacles, you have to worry about flying debris. As you play Pinball BOOM you’ll earn gems that can be spent on power ups or costumes for your pinball character. Power ups can accomplish certain tasks like blowing up obstacles or propelling your ball skyward. The biggest issue I have with Pinball Boom is that it’s borderline frustrating to play. I don’t mean frustrating in the sense that it’s difficult to master, but in the sense that it almost feels like the game sets you up to fail. Essentially this is like the Flappy Bird of pinball. Of course Flappy Bird enjoyed incredible popularity so it’s safe to say that there are lots of gamers out there who love this type of challenge.

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Pinball BOOM Android Game


Pinball BOOM Android Game As I mentioned above, the latest update to Pinball BOOM includes the option to purchase costumes for your character. I do think this is a cute touch that actually gives players something to work towards, and it’s pretty easy to earn enough gems to unlock them. You can earn gems by playing or by watching videos. I do wish Pinball BOOM offered a little more variety when it comes to pinball boards. The Halloween theme is nice but it got boring after awhile. It would be great to see a few more boards with different themes just so players can enjoy little variety.


Google Play for free

Value Pinball BOOM is available to download from Google Play for free and doesn’t seem to include in-app purchases. There are ads that pop up every now and then, but they don’t interrupt gameplay. Overall, Pinball BOOM is a game that will definitely get you into the Halloween spirit but also takes some getting used to. I do wish it were a little easier to play but you might have much better luck than I did.

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