Try My Sudoku Tips And Become A Better Sudoku Solver!

Sudoku is the number puzzle craze that is sweeping the country. Billed as the next crossword, Sudoku’s simplicity is its beauty. Although it is a number game, Sudoku requires no mathematical skills – just a keen grasp of logic and plenty of patience.

Would some chicago tribune sudoku tips help you turn from an amateur to a professional puzzle solver? Use these Sudoku hints and strategies to solve Sudoku puzzles easier.


When you begin to play Sudoku, you probably will have moments when you reach a roadblock. We all do. It may seem impossible to you to solve anything but the most simple Sudoku puzzles.

Well I have some good news. Apply these Sudoku tips and you will solve most Sudoku puzzles. To solve the hardest puzzles and games, use advanced strategies such as X-Wing, XY-Wing, and Swordfish.

There are two ways to approach the Sudoku Solving process. You can use logic retaining in your memory the possible candidates for each cell, row, column, and region or you can write the candidates down.

I prefer to use the process of elimination to solve Sudoku. This leads me to my first of several Sudoku tips and that is pencil in all the possible candidates for each cell, row, column, and region.

Some Sudoku computer programs have the option to show you all the possible candidates. Some online puzzles allow you to pencil in your candidates. This makes life a little easier. The paper version, board games, and handhelds usually lack this capability. In these cases use my free blank grid with candidates worksheet.

Naked Single Candidates

Every Sudoku puzzle will have cells that have only one possible candidate. If there aren’t any other candidates showing, Sudoku players call this a naked single.

Every naked single allows us to safely eliminate that number from all other cells in the row, column, and region that the naked single lies in. The logic is simple. If there is one cell that contains a single candidate, then that candidate is the solution for that cell. Below is an example of a naked single.

In the example to the left, you can see the naked single is the nine. All the other nines may be crossed off leaving a 6,8 pair, 6,7 pair, a single 7, and a 4,6,8 triple. If you didn’t pencil in all the possible candidates, the naked nine would be less obvious.

No doubt you also noted in this example that once you solved for the naked nine, the 7,9 pair’s solution became a naked single. The 7,9 pair is called a hidden single. Below is another example of a hidden single.

Hidden Singles

In the example at the left there are two hidden singles. Hidden singles have only one place they can go. The extra candidates in the cell “hide” the single solution.

In this example, the third cell from the top is a seven. Likewise in the bottom cell the only number that can go there is a four.

When there is a lot of candidates showing from the surrounding rows, columns, and regions, a hidden single can be hard to spot. Hidden singles will occur often.

Now for my next Sudoku tip. Look for “naked pairs”.

Naked Pairs

In the example to the left there is a “naked pair”. A naked pair is two identical candidates in a particular row, column, or region. This combination of candidates will occur often also.

When you see a naked pair, it is safe to eliminate those two numbers from all other cells in the row, column, or region the pair reside in.

In the naked pair example it is safe to eliminate the four and six from the two quads of 3,4,6, and 8. Doing so, leaves two 3,8 pairs. The 3,4,6, and 8 quads are really “hidden pairs”. More Sudoku tips on this.

Hidden Pairs

In the example at the left there is a hidden pair 2 and 9. They are circled in red. Hidden pairs are identified by the fact that a pair of numbers occur in only two cells of a row, column, or region. They are “hidden” because the other numbers in the two cells make their presence harder to spot.

It is safe to remove all other digits from the two cells circled in red so that only the two and nine remain. Hidden pairs will appear often in your Sudoku puzzles and games.

Naked Triples

Another Sudoku tip is to look for “naked triples”. Naked triples like the name suggests are three numbers that do not have any other numbers residing in the cells with them.

Unlike naked pairs, naked triples do not need all of the three candidates in every cell. Quite often only two of the three candidates will be shown.

In the example at the left, the three cells circled are the three naked triples. They are 5,6 and 9. Only a 5,6 and 9 can appear in those three locations. Therefore, you can remove all 5,6, and 9s from the other cells in this row.

When you remove the 6,9 from two cells and the 5,6 you will discover a naked pair (1,4) and a hidden single (2). See how these Sudoku tips help you solve puzzles?

Hidden Triples

Hidden triples are much harder to spot. They will occur in harder puzzles. Hidden triples like naked triples are restricted to three cells in a row, column, or region. Hidden triples like hidden pairs have additional digits that camouflage the three candidates.

If you look at the example at the left, you will see three cells circled in red. These are the hidden triples. Can you spot them?

You are right, they are 4, 8, and 9. Remove the extra numbers from the cells circled in red. Do you think hidden triples are tough to find? Try quads.

Naked Quads

Another Sudoku tip is to look for “naked quads”. Naked quads are like naked triples with the exception that four cells contain only four distinct candidates in a row, column, or region.

In the example at the left the naked quads are circled. They are 3, 5, 6, and 8. Remove any instance of these four numbers from the other cells in this row.

Hidden Quads

The last of my Sudoku tips for this article is to look for hidden quads. As the name suggest, hidden quads are four cells containing only four distinct candidates in a row, column, or region. These four numbers are hidden by additional candidates.

Hidden quads are very difficult to find. The good news is I have rarely seen them. (Maybe because they are hidden so well!) They occur only in a few of the more difficult puzzles.

In my example at the left, the hidden quads circled in red are 1, 5, 6, and 8. It is safe to remove the extra digits (3,4,7,9) from these four cells.

I hope these Sudoku tips will help you in your quest to become a professional Sudoku puzzle solver.

Seeing these and more advanced tips explained may be easier for you to understand. I recommend the video Sudoku Solving Techniques. This video covers the Sudoku techniques (new window opens) to solve Sudoku. Read my review and see for yourself.


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Top 5 best baby cooking games

In this article, will send to the top 5 most popular cooking games for kids. Surely you do not disappoint… Play now:

1. Cooking Mama Seasons – best cooking game top-5-game-4

Cooking Mama Seasons – best cooking game

Standing first on this list is Cooking Mama, a very fun cooking game that you should not miss. Throughout the series there are a series of exciting mini-games that revolve around preparing food according to the player’s instructions. The mini-games in Cooking Mama Seasons contain the same tempo as the title game with the theme music, but with cute graphics accompanying gameplay rich is also one of the attractions. of this game. 2. Cupcake Stand – Cooking games top-5-game-1

Cupcake Stand – Cooking games

The next in the list of cooking games is Cupcake Stand, the game content that makes the cake. Your task in the game is to make the cake that you have to fast. The method of playing Baby Cupcake Stand cooking is extremely simple to understand, in addition to delayed deployment is a series of interesting play. In short, this is a game that can not be ignored, especially for women who like to make cake. 3. Bistro Cook 2 – Cooking games top-5-game-2

Bistro Cook 2 – Cooking games

In Bistro Cook 2, you play the role of a professional chef, and your task is to solve a variety of menus that are delivered to the kitchen. The game offers a variety of different difficulty levels to suit even the new ladies making mobile games. 4. Cooking Academy HD – Cooking games top-5-game-3

Cooking Academy HD – Cooking games

If you are a keen on the kitchen and want to check out the skills, where your cooking skills are, but you are not ready to hold the pan, why not transport the game right now to improve your skills? Through the game fun and exciting fun? Cooking Academy is a great trick for both entertaining and approaching complex cooking methods. The game offers a number of exciting fun features that allow people who want to cook and cook something that’s slow to roll out. In the game, players will face the challenge, the task of preparing dishes from around the globe with the speed and the highest possible authenticity. You will be graded based on the quality of the food you make. Further, after completing the cooking lessons, you will have to undergo the review to prove your ability and what is received after the game. This is also where things become more competitive and serious. For example, if you get a low result, you will receive a bonus and even if they will, you will be more interested in bringing the food later. Besides preparing the material and cooking the kitchen by playing the game, Cooking Academy HD also produces for you popular fun message. They are all about food and cooking in the regions around the globe. In short, Cooking Academy is a pure game but possesses addictive abilities. Fun, easy to play, and beautiful graphics. 5. Cupcake Stand Pop Fantasy World – Cooking Game At the end of the list of cooking games is the Cupcake Stand Pop Fantasy World, with the title game with the content is baking. Your task in the game is to make the cake samples that customers require the most accurate method. The rules and gameplay are also very easy to understand that the mode for each round is also interesting. In general, this is a fun little game for brothers and sisters to make cake. Above you have sent to the composer top 5 games to cook the most multiplayer games already. If you have any questions or any other better, do not hesitate to sanitize FPTShop in the comments below. Wish you success. Hope the article useful to bring brothers and sisters.


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How to play the game Hop don’t stop for children

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Helicopter games

Helicopter games – Play game online for free

Reviews Helicopter Sim game Curtis Clawson7 Add more please As a Helicopter games guy I like the direction you are going but you need more helicopters, the ah-1z viper, uh-1z venom, h-53 super stallion, or even a tilt rotor v-22 osprey would all be nice. Maybe add some dust off missions or a gun run mission. Thank you guys I love all your flight sims so far, just make this one a great flight sim. Jose Alvarado The only problem with this simulator is that there is only one helicopter games and one Island. Wonderful game though, and I love it, but it need more flexibility. So, spend your money if you just want a few hours of great fun. Even if you download all the scenario and complete them you’ll have nothing else. You could probably finish the game in one setting. My only request is that RORTO add more Choppers and islands. Robin Hensman Brilliance epitomised Top drawer game with the “must have one more go” addictiveness demonstrated by all classic and memorable games. Phenomenal graphics for a smart phone & worthy of transportation to console. A new phrase should be “As real as Rortos”. Thank you designers for the free version. I have now purchased the full version! Reminds me of a twenty first century version of the original classic “Desert Strike”. Do Rortos do any console games by the way ? ZyX __ Good It was great, nice graphics and very detailed. Although as a simulator, it needs improvement. One in particular is that a little scrape on the ground will blow up your helicopter entirely.



Why? Can’t there just be a little spark or something? Even when landing, even when going down at a decent space it will still explode. Please fix. Thanks! Greg Hargrove Really like this game Wish I would have downloaded it sooner. Is it difficult to play? Yes. if you’re looking for an arcade shooter, this isn’t the game for you. Looking for something more like a sim, this is the one. Very nice graphics. I hope they continue to support this game, I know it’s been out a while, but it’s getting hard to find really engaging games such as this. A+ martin mc parland Need to offer a selection of different helicopter platforms and maybe try and smooth out the transition from forward flight to the hover or just simply reducing speed,as this results in a jerky action which bleeds off too much airspeed. But apart from these gripes,I very much enjoyed the game. Very addictive and one of the better helicopter sims. Arthur Shannon Good game. Small details need updating. The game play is awesome. It just needs some updating on specifics. The aircraft is not a SH-60B. ‘Bravos’ main mission is anti-submarine warfare. The tail wheel is not on the very back of the tail cone and it doesn’t have two cabin side doors, among other details. This a/c is most likely similar to a MH-60S or some sort of black hawk. Other than going 200+ knots which is unrealistic for this airframe, its a pretty good SIM. Needs more aircalraft!! Sherif Salem Bad in landing. Still need a hover holding button. Everything is fine but I need a button to make the aircraft hold the hover without tilting the device effect its balance .. I can’t make a good landing.. Very Very bad in handling an firing is too disgusting. I lowered my rate. Ben Duck Needs fixing My biggest issue is I bought the rail yard package but it won’t let me play it. That needs to be fixed. It would also be really cool to have different helicopters. Some for cargo missions, civilian aircraft, etc. Overall it’s fun. Shyle Hobbs great game! Very very well done game, I find myself thinking “I cant wait to play”! My ONLY complaint is I wish there were more birds and maybe a mission creator like in fighters. Other than that I definitely suggest this one! Till Hirte It is a great game with wonderful controls and graphics for being a mobile game. But there is one minor thing bothering me very much. I can’t complete the campaign because the helicopter crashes once I try to land. I trained a lot and got under 0.5m in point landing, but still I always crash. Please fix! Iain Duncan Once you get the hang of the controls and stop trying to fly it like a helicopter it is amazingly addictive. The bad guys are as difficult to kill and the sound of their rounds impacting the airframe is a bit too chilling. It’s too easy to have a CFIT event when trying to aim the gun. An excellent game! Mai Nou Xiong Good app. But can use work This Is a great and fun app. I love the shooting portion of this game and love the graphics. Would have gave this app 5 stars if only there was free flight mode. And the flight physics is horrible !!!! It’s nearly impossible to do a great landing without losing balance of the aircraft. This other app called “AIR CALVARY” is by far one of the best app with great flight physics but there is no enemy on the ground shooting at you etc. Definitely needs different aircrafts. J AD Awesome game!! I appreciate the challenge. I do wish there were more aircraft. I’ve been playing the free version and have been very close to buying the full version, but what holds me back is that there’s no evidence that the are more Helicopters to choose from. But nonetheless, great game!!! I have enjoyed it very much. Cole Gidley Disappointed and Discouraged The 1st game I downloaded was Carrier 1. I have bought Fighters Pro and Landings Pro. I have been happy with all and even took the bugs in stride.(ie The map bug that fks up names of cities) However, with this game, it crashes every time I die or move onto a new mission. Its unacceptable and I won’t pay for anything related to it. Please fix it asap. Talavera Danilo Good Gunship Sim: ? Flying the gunship it’s more difficult than fighter jets. I can’t barely manage to fly, while using weapons at the same time. But i know the techniques. And also you only one gunship to takeoff the sky. Would you better add, UH-60, UH-A1, Z-10, MI-24 Hind, AH-1W Super Cobra, RAH-66 Comanche, AH-64 Apache, KA-50 White Shark, and more. David Chong Nice graphics but lousy controls Very good graphics but ruined by unrealistic and over sensitive controls. The helicopter flies more like a remote control toy helicopter than a real one. Controls are more like a plane than helicopter. Helicopter from Proma has better controls. If only… kyle lester Lg g4 great game one thing though Hey you did a great job with this game there only one thing with the game i have noticed so far and that it when you click on your manual aim if you are not absolutely stopped the. Helicopter games will continue to move around and crash into things. Good job.

Hello Neighbor Review

Hello neighbor game review

In practice, in spite of the game spending enormous time in early get right of entry to, it feels unfinished at release. While it’s commendable that there may be a lot leeway in how you may approach the neighbor’s residence, hey neighbor suggestions the stability from participant freedom to player forget about. The controls are bizarrely unintuitive, with an unusual and perplexing button format that can’t be remapped. However the further you progress inside the house, the extra convoluted the neighbor’s security system turns out to be. Hi there neighbor hearkens back to the darkish a while of factor-and-click on journey video games in phrases of nonsensical answers to easy problems. A complex magnet device, that you use to set off switches from afar in multiple puzzles, is mendacity round in an area apparent sufficient to hit upon it by means of coincidence.

Hello Neighbor Review

Hello Neighbor Review (Source:

  Meanwhile, for a few purpose, some thing as beneficial as a simple wrench is lying inside the neighbor’s refrigerator, in which you will never suppose to appearance. All the at the same time as, the sport itself offers zero insight into what a given object can or cannot be used for, with many items’ functions flying inside the face of fundamental purpose. The game’s entire push aside for common sense or consistency suggests itself while the neighbor is factored in as well. Left to his own devices, he just wanders his home aimlessly, with no discernible sample. However, regardless of how softly you sneak round, regardless of how carefully you stay away from, the neighbor’s potential to hear, see, and locate you seems to be entirely unaffected by way of whatever you do. In one among my earliest playthroughs, i had managed to sneak up at the back of the man, trying to see if i could select his pockets, and he never moved. Later, i was two rooms away from him, having snuck into an open window, and somehow, he went on excessive alert and found me. That stage of unpredictability works when it is a xenomorph in alien isolation, however not while it is a guy dressed like ned flanders. The sole blessing here is that obtaining stuck, no matter being an enjoy totally without tension because all of the man does is stand up for your face, without delay drops you lower back at your own home, commonly with any objects you’ve got picked up along the manner still in your stock. In the end, with saint-like persistence and persistence, you can snatch the important thing to get to the basement. The game gets surreal from right here, but with little payoff. Good day neighbor limps into a second act, regarding you as a full-grown grownup transferring back into your early life home, even as hinting at sudden revelations. Even then, that idea is accomplished in this sort of threadbare, 1/2-baked, interpretive way that it doesn’t land with any kind of effect. Act 2 and the thoroughly offbeat finale are at least easier to navigate than the rest of the sport, however even that simply ends up exposing just how little there is to grapple with after the fact. Good day neighbor is a recreation you persist in because of sheer good fortune rather than any kind of actual talent, foresight, or cleverness. There may be no catharsis, insight, or revelations waiting on the end of the ordeal, only a kind of uneasy malaise over what the photographs and environments near the quit are intended to represent. As such, a simple, attractive concept is rendered inert. There’s a wonderful game to be mined out of what hi there neighbor desires to be, but there may be not anything to be gained from experiencing what it presently is.


Lowriders movies 2016

Lowriders – Not the movie you think it’s going to be

Lowriders has a couple of things working against it right off the bat. First it’s a Blumhouse release, which makes one think horror film. Two, the name implies it’s a movie about cars, in the vein of The Fast and The Furious franchise. Lowriders  2016 reviews movies is neither of these things. What the movie is, is a family drama centred on a Mexican-American family in LA. The father owns a car shop, and is prepping to enter into a car competition for low-riding cars. These lowriders are portrayed as part of the culture down there, though I don’t know enough to know how true that is.

Lowriders movies 2016

Lowriders movies 2016

Daniel, the main character in the movie, is a teen trying to find his way. He’s a street artist (graffiti), but gets no recognition. His older brother, Francisco a.k.a Ghost just got out of jail, and recruits Daniel away from the father. These different tensions are well played out and acted, and it’s easy to get invested in the characters. Knowledge of the culture isn’t necessary to find the good in the movie.

Source: Jeff2sayshi – imdb