Drag’n’Boom Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Drag’n’Boom is an explosive twin stick-style arcade romp starring an acrobatic, fire-breathing dragon. Our heated hero’s one goal in life is to amass gold while smiting would-be dragon slayers with flame and fang. His projectile fireballs are able to take down soldiers, wizards, and sheep alike, while his impressive speed sends him flying through villages’ defenses and straight towards their treasuries. Gamezebo’s Drag’n’Boom Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you maximize your dragon skills to earn more bucks with your bang.

Score and stars: At the end of each level, you’ll receive up to three stars as well as a numerical score. The stars are based on completing three objectives which are the same on every stage: you get one star for simply reaching the end, another star for finishing the level with full health, and a third star if you slayed all the enemies along the way. Sheep do count as enemies for this star, so be sure you take down anything that moves, even if it’s not a direct threat.


These stars are individual, so you can earn one or two stars on one playthrough and then replay the level to collect any others you missed. Once you earn a star it’s permanently unlocked, so if you already have the full health star and then take damage on a subsequent replay, you won’t lose that star. If you’re having trouble earning the health star on later stages, play a separate solo run with this as your only goal and fly up and above any dangers until you reach the end of the level.

The numerical score is simply the number of coins you earned. This can fluctuate wildly depending on how many combos you achieved throughout the level, but this is the number that is used on the Game Center leaderboards. The crown at the end of the level and on the stage select screen indicates your highest score for each stage.

Powering up: The coins you earn are used to level up your dragon. As he gains levels, he’ll learn new styles of attack for taking down enemies. While the dragon starts off with a single fireball, subsequent attacks allow him to spit laser-fast beams of flames, multi-wave arcs of fire, large grenade-like firebombs, and tons more. He can only use one type of attack at a time, and you can equip a different power (including any you previously unlocked) by going to the fireball menu, scrolling left or right, and tapping the icon you want. These icons illustrate the power’s attack pattern in case you don’t remember each one individually, and they are always listed in the order they were unlocked.

While certain attacks may seem less useful when first unlocked, each one has a benefit and a type of level it excels at. The first power you unlock after the initial single fireball is the thin laser beam which requires very precise shots to hit an enemy directly. However, this laser ricochets off walls and buildings, which means it is very useful in areas with tight corridors. Some powers make it easier to maintain combos—the red bouncy bomb—while others are good for aerial approaches—the long flame snake. (It’s also just fun to play around with different abilities.)

Keep your combo going: The only way to earn lots of coins in a level, and thus a higher score, is by building up a combo. Every time you hit an enemy, you’ll receive plus one to your combo meter. If you do nothing, the meter will slowly tick down—the number in the upper-right corner fills with orange—and then vanish, resetting to zero. If you hit another enemy before it vanishes, you’ll get another point added to the meter, so a 1x combo would become 2x. Any coins you collect while the combo meter is active will be multiplied by that amount: so, if you have a 2x combo and pick up five coins, you would earn ten coins once the meter is gone. If your combo increases from 2x to 4x before it counts down, you would receive 20 coins instead of ten.

If you shoot and do not hit any enemies, the combo meter will reset immediately. Because of this, shooting randomly and too frequently is not advisable: you might hit a few enemies but you’ll likely miss some shots as well, negating any combos you would have built up. While you can play Drag’n’Boom very manically by racing all over and shooting constantly—and it’s fun to do so—this playstyle will not earn combos. Instead, drag to move or aim often, keeping your dragon in bullet time slow motion mode, and always aim for enemies or coins.

If you prefer to shoot wildly, some abilities are more forgiving when it comes to the combo meter. The large, ball-like bomb—the fourth power on the menu, unlocked at level six—does not count as a “miss” until it explodes and doesn’t hit anything. But it takes the bomb just as long to detonate as it does the combo meter to count down, so you can shoot bombs all over the place without resetting your combo meter directly. On the other end of the spectrum, the short-burst spitfire—the seventh power on the menu, unlocked at level 15—will reset the meter the instant you use it and miss. (But you can still keep the combo meter going with this power by playing very aggressively and staying close to enemies, and it’s actually one of our personal favorites.)

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Absolute Beginner Starter Guide – Fallout 4 Wiki Guide – IGN

Players new to Fallout may have a difficult time adjusting to some of the vast game’s less-well explained aspects. Our starter guide and complete beginner’s primer will help you understand some of the more abstruse aspects of the vast world of the Commonwealth.

In addition to the complete starter guide below, you can get more help with our other guides on Things to Do First in Fallout 4, Things Fallout 4 Doesn’t Tell You, and Things Not to Do in Fallout.


Using V.A.T.S.
V.A.T.S is a system that slows combat down slow motion and allows you to use precise targeting against enemies and groups of enemies. VATS does not pause the game. VATS is activated and exited with the left bumper/L1.

Each action in V.A.T.S. costs a certain number of Action Points (AP) once executed. Action Points are displayed on a meter in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Action Points are also expended by sprinting, so be careful about using V.A.T.S. while on the move.

Action Points regenerate slowly after use. Shooting in FPS mode does not expend AP, so it’s completely ok (and often advisable) to continue to engage enemies in free-form combat while you recover enough AP to continue attacking in VATS.

Using one thumbstick, you can toggle between body parts on a targeted enemy. Each pull of the right trigger commits you to a single attack at that body part.

The numbers appearing over body parts indicate the percentage chance of scoring a hot with each individual shot at that particular moment. Range, weapon accuracy, and cover greatly effect these values.

Headshots deal the most damage but are difficult to execute.
Torso shots do moderate damage
Arm shots have a chance of interrupting attacks
Leg shots can maim enemies and slow them
The second thumbstick allows you to switch between enemies in VATS. It’s possible to engage and kill several foes in a single VATS section provided you have significant APs in reserve.

Once all actions are chosen in VATS, select the execute command. Note that you can also cancel your VATS commands at teh push of a button and select different targets. Note, however, that VATS does not completely pause the battle, so be wary that enemies may still attack as you designate targets.

All actions in VATS will take place in the order programmed once you select execute. If you target one enemy and then another and hit execute, you’ll fire at the first targeted opponent and then switch to the second and fire.

Each hit in VATS builds your critical bar (center of screen). When this bar is filled, press the designated button during you attack execution animation to deal critical damage to the next target.

Grenades cannot be used in VATS.

In addition to being useful in combat, VATS can also detect nearby foes you may not have noticed. Toggling VATS in areas with low visibility is a good idea when you fear an ambush.

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War Commander: Rogue Assault Guide [Tips and Tricks]


Hello friends and welcome to the War Commander: Rogue Assault Tips and Tricks guide. This guide is going to help you new players go over the basics of the the game and get a better understanding of the game itself.


War Commander

War Commander: Rogue Assault is a top down RTS (Real Time Strategy) type game. The mechanics are based on strategy putting you in the shoes of a tactician.

In the game you take control of an army platoon and work to expand your forces. You build troops and use them in missions to defeat your enemies and advance through the game.

The main area you’ll spend your time in is the story mode and that’s where you’ll get your bearings on the game itself. Once you understand it a little more you can take your skills online and battle other players and their armies.

Game modes

In War Commander there are three different game modes you can play through. Campaign, PvP Battle, and War Zones. Each of the three game modes has their own set of rules to play by and give a unique experience for each.

Campaign is rather straight forward much like any other game with a story mode. You go through several missions following a small story that aligns with the actions your making.

You build your troops through out the story and in each mission you advance to harder difficulties. Campaign is the best way to understand War Commanders mechanics and get better at it before you jump into online battles.

The PvP Battles are relatively simple as well. You’re matched up with a single opponent and the two of you set up your armies then fight.

It plays the same way the Campaign does having the same strategic feel making you use your head and make decisions of how you want to act. Same for War Zones. They’re both similar and follow the same theme as the main game.


Battle Boom Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

It’s time to bring explosions to the battlefield in Battle Boom, a tower defense RTS game! Be the ultimate commander and deploy a variety of powerful units, like Riflemen, Flamers, Snipers, and of course Tanks! With over 70 types of units, your army is yours as the combinations are endless! Our Battle Boom cheats and tips will give you some pointers on how to win on the battlefield.

In Battle Boom, battles are all about knowing which units to use and when to deploy them, and we’re here to teach you all about it with our Battle Boom cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!


Position your units correctly!

Battle Boom is all about timing your unit deployment so that your positioning is optimal. You’ve learned in the tutorial that you should have your ranged units in the back while your frontline heavy guys push forward. This allows your damage dealers to take out enemies while remaining out of harm’s way thanks to your frontline. This is pretty much the basis of Battle Boom’s combat, so make sure that you’re always positioning your units correctly!

The actual battles of Battle Boom are half active and half planning. Did you know that the most important part is probably the planning part? You should know what each unit in your deck is capable of.

Knowing is half the battle as they say, and being able to put units in their best positions on the fly is the key to victory. Some units have high attack power but low health, some have longer range than others, and some units deal bonus damage to specific types of units.

Beware of clumping up!

Another good reason to have a variety of units that have different ranges is to avoid clumping up. Having too many units all bunched up in the same spot is just asking for them to get blown up by a Missile or melted by a Firebomb. When you have melee and ranged units attacking from different spots, you can at least mitigate some of the damage by having some units be out of range.

Complete missions!

Your mission list can be accessed by the button on the left side of the screen. Once you hit certain player levels, you’ll gain access to new missions. Completing a mission will reward you with precious gold, the currency you need to upgrade your units. You get some gold whenever you open chests, but completing missions is a good way to get it too.

Play through the Stages!

The single-player campaign can be accessed by tapping the “Stage” button on the bottom of the main menu. After you complete the tutorial, you’ll be locked out of Stage mode for a while. You need a certain amount of ranking points before you can play the next stage, so you’ll have to play the regular PvP mode for the time being.

However, once you do unlock a stage, you should play through it as soon as you can. Not only do stages provide you with gold upon completion, but each stage actually teaches you about a new unit and their strengths and weaknesses. Playing the stages is a great way you learn more about all the units in the game and you’re rewarded too!

Practice in Casual Mode!

Want to try out new units you’ve never seen before? Or do you want to try out a new deck configuration that you’re not too sure about? Play Casual Mode, which can be found under the Events. Casual Mode matches you up against another player like a normal battle, but no ranking points are at stake, so you can play carefree! This is great for trying out and testing new strategies.

That’s all for Battle Boom. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

Dogfight 2 – Dog fighting games

Take to the skies and start flying excessive inside the latest flight simulation. Make your manner as much as the pinnacle and be the nice airplane pilot inside the world, with tons of precise flight missions and a big choice of aircraft to select from, you will have the last flying experience on cellular!

!!to be had TO down load NOW, free of charge!!

With short and clean flight tutorials, get caught right into the arena of flying simulators and strive out all of the unique and interesting flight ranges a good way to positioned you in the cockpit of some of the maximum recognizable planes and plane within the global.

Whole missions to earn in-recreation credits to unencumber bigger, better, quicker planes. Fly in some single propeller planes, wreck the sound barrier in a F-18 fighter jet, or pilot a huge air bus full of passengers travelling the sector.

Do not want to do levels? There a mode only for you! Fly for as long as you need, uninterrupted loose Flight mode permits you to fly in all the planes without a objective, until you need to locate all the hidden golden jewelry spread at some stage in the entire map of the game, collect all earrings for a unique marvel!

In this simulation it creates realtime weather situations, day and night time cycle, with clean skies, tropical rainstorms, thunder and lighting, turbulence and more!

Take flight and stay the lifestyles of the Airliner pilot, experience the whole lot they do for a residing in our modern, thrilling, new sport, aircraft Flight Simulator 2017!


  • Real lifestyles airplanes and aircraft geared up to fly!.
  • Lots of precise flight missions and goals (more to come quickly!).
  • Huge, excessive pleasant open world with tremendous specific locations.
  • Lose Flight mode PLUS plenty of collectibles to acquire.
  • Accelerometers for tilt controls, additionally button controls.
  • Fun praise gadget for dogfight 2, unencumber planes quicker.
  • Dynamic lighting and sounds of a industrial airplane and surroundings.
  • Top notch on-board cameras, get every cool view of the aircraft.

Alto’s Adventure: Tips, tricks, and pointers to get you past the triple backflip and more

As anyone who follows me on Twitter can attest, I became a teensy bit obsessed with Alto’s Adventure. The endlessly-charming endless runner for iOS and Apple TV combines llamas, snowboarding tricks, beautiful landscapes, and devilishly hard goals to keep you coming back time and time again. I’ve spent awhile with Alto’s twisting slopes and precipitous chasms, but news of upcoming sequel Alto’s Odyssey had me pulling the game back out for more fun on the slopes. Here are a few of my top tips for acing each one of those 60 levels and beating your friends’ high scores.


Just the basics

Grinding is key

When you start out on the slopes with Alto, you can score points by performing a number of tricks, including backflips (by tapping and holding anywhere on the screen), jumping on rocks or campfires, and grinding on flag lines or rooftops.

Single backflips, though fun to do, score a paltry 10 points per flip; rock bounces are a bit better, offering 80 points. Grinds, though, stack depending on how long you stay on the line or roof: They start at 10 points, then add 5 points every 2 meters.

As such, grinds are your best bet for initial point values. Even better, you can combine grinds with other tricks to multiply your score. Every trick you do adds a multiplier value: For example, a backflip onto a grind with a backflip in-between or at the end of the grind will net you 3x your initial point value collection. There are even sections of the game where you can jump from line grind to roof grind to increase both your initial point value and your multiplier.

You’ll only get those points if you land your trick, however, so make sure to stick the landing and avoid crashing into the snow.

Use your cast of characters

The game may be called Alto’s Adventure, but Alto isn’t the only playable character in your arsenal. As you play through the game, you’ll unlock a total of six mountain-dwellers, each with their own unique abilities.

Maya (one of my three favorites) is spry and light and can make quick work of backflips, but has trouble with speed and chasms if she’s not coming off a trick boost. She’s great fun for doing long runs and scoring crazy combos, however.

Paz is a smasher: He’s big and not really a backflip kind of guy, but will pick up some serious speed on downhill runs, ice slides, and grinds. And when he’s riding a speed boost off a trick, he can demolish all manner of items for a much longer period of time than Alto or Maya.

Izel is reputedly responsible for all the fancy gadgets you can pick up in the workshop. She’s a faster backflipper than Alto or Paz, and gets extra speed boosts off tricks thanks to some fancy rocket-powered snowboard technology. I love using Izel to travel many meters quickly, though that speed sometimes means she can run into unpredictable chasms and snowbanks.

Felipe is my secret favorite character: a llama who snuck out of Alto’s home and has learned how to snowboard. Being a llama, Felipe has a bit more jumping ability than his human friends, and can double-jump to get some extra airtime. You can time Felipe’s jumps by either double-tapping instantly to get some initial big air, or tapping once and then tapping a second time to stall Felipe’s snowboard and give him a little extra time to land his jump.


Play Papa’s Pizzeria game HD online

Matters get messy when you’re left in fee of cool math papa’s freezeria Louie’s wildly famous pizza parlor! You will be busy inside the pizzeria as you release a big selection of toppings, crusts, and sauces for brand spanking new seasonal pizzas as well as all-time traditional elements. Top, bake, and serve pizzas on this award-triumphing sport that is updated and remastered for pills.

Every station within the restaurant is a palms-on procedure, and you’ll need to multi-undertaking among all of the distinctive stations to hold up along with your pizza orders. Choose a crust, add sauce and cheese, and upload a selection of scrumptious toppings to the pizza. Slide the pizza into the oven and wait till it is baked just right. Head to the slicing Station to cut the pizza into ideal slices, and serve the completed pie on your hungry customers!

Sport capabilities

Papa Louie’s scrumptious pizzas at the moment are to be had for transport! Rent a delivery person to answer the phone when a customer calls with an order for shipping. While the pizza is prepared, they will carry the pizza proper to the customer’s house!

Celebrate the seasons with new excursion pizza flavors! Because the seasons change in Tastyville, your customers will order their pizzas with new seasonal elements. You will liberate new crusts, sauces, and toppings for each vacation of the year, and your clients will love trying new flavors for a festive meal!

Customers will every so often bring you unique special Recipes, which you may function the every day special in the pizza save! Each special also has a bonus you can earn for serving a high example of that recipe. Whilst you serve enough Specials to master that recipe, you may additionally earn a unique prize!

Play as Roy or his sister pleasure — or create your own custom man or woman to run the pizzeria! You may additionally display off your excursion spirit with a huge style of excursion clothes and clothing on your people. Pick precise coloration combinations for every item of clothing, and create your very own fashion with tens of millions of mixtures!

Lacking your favored consumer? Why no longer send them a few coupons with the assist of your friendly mailman, Vincent! Clients love a bargain, and could directly arrive to reserve another pizza. Coupons are awesome for finishing quests for Stickers and for strategically leveling up clients!

The customizable foyer is lower back, with new topics of furnishings and decorations for every holiday of the 12 months! Enhance the restaurant with excursion decorations and your clients might not mind ready even longer for their food.

Play Foodini’s famous Mini-video games to earn new fixtures in your lobby and new garb for your people. You can also go to the store after each workday to find an in depth wardrobe of clothing, lots of furnishings on your lobby, and a diffusion of beneficial enhancements for the restaurant which you could buy along with your difficult-earned suggestions.

Papa’s collection of Stickers return, which you could earn with the aid of finishing a extensive form of duties and achievements as you play. Every client has a hard and fast of 3 preferred Stickers: Earn all 3 and you’ll be rewarded with a logo-new outfit to present to that purchaser!


Baby Hazel Cinderella Story online for girls on pc and mobile

experience the maximum famous people tale of Cinderella baby hazel games for girls with infant Hazel! It’s far a story of a young girl, named Cinderella, who was residing in unlucky instances, which are magically changed to splendid fortune. This endearing tale capabilities unpleasant mind-set of stepmother and stepsisters, a surprising magical transformation of poor Cinderella to the most quite princess, helpful fairy god-mom, misplaced glass slipper, prince’s hunt for his pal and masses more.
great game functions:
• help Cinderella to satisfy by no means-finishing needs of her stepmother and stepsisters
• assist Cinderella in completing the chores so that she will be able to attend the royal ball
• Have a laugh giving funny makeovers to Cinderella’s stepsisters for giggles
• heaps of royal clothing and add-ons to get dressed up Cinderella for the royal ball
• enjoy the mystical adjustments by way of fairy god-mother to assist Cinderella attain the palace
• go along with Prince to discover the proprietor of a lost glass slipper
what’s inner:
• Dozens of bathing items to wash child Hazel inclusive of shampoos, soaps and bathtub toys
• Cool night attire to dress up baby Hazel for her bedtime
• specific kinds of toys to play
• Flavored tea to put together – milk, cranberry, cocoa
• 20+ pleasant add-ons which includes funky glasses, hairstyles, caps and mustaches for humorous makeover
• 20+ royal clothes and accessories to attempt on Hazel such as crowns, robes, pair of earring, necklaces and pair of footwear
• 20+ royal clothing and accessories to help prince look maximum handsome boy
• type of yummy treats and fruit juices to serve on the royal ball
• 6 mini games to earn diamonds! Accumulate diamonds to shop for fantastic gadgets
• Spin Fortune Wheel to win marvel gift
So children, experience playing baby Hazel Cinderella story game to live a life of Cinderella, complete of surprises and magic!

Play Pearls summer holiday

It’s Pearls summer holiday but she virtually should clean up the mess she made at some point of her holiday.

are you able to help your daddy and cleanup the mess you’ve got made. On this cool cool games on Summer vacation messy house makeover you need to clean the residence(kitchen, rest room, drowsing room, laundry room), the swimming pool, the dog residence, pony house, tree house and cleanup the red car.

are you able to assist Pearl and her daddy and smooth up all the distinct rooms? Are you prepared for a actual summer season excursion cleanup?
In Pearls summer vacation Cleanup you could play diverse cool degrees. Emerge as daddy’s little helper in this cleanup recreation and earn you rewards :).

***game functions Pearls summer holiday Cleanup***

* come to be daddy’s little helper
* clean to play cleanup game
* MEGA every day bonus
* clean up the house(kitchen, lavatory, sound asleep room, laundry room), the swimming pool, the canine residence, pony house, tree house and smooth the purple automobile.
* Earn rewards for every little aspect you do in the sport!

Pearls summer excursion Cleanup is a recreation from pinnacle woman video games and one of the new cleanup series in which you may clean up:the residence(kitchen, lavatory, dozing room, laundry room), the swimming pool, the dog residence, pony residence, tree house and clean up the pink automobile.

We post many distinctive clean to play lady games apps. We are hoping you’ll experience our summer holiday easy up game and we hope you give us the love through liking our fb web page or follow us on twitter or Instagram. So we are able to preserve you up to date on our smooth up, runner, princess and all sort of distinctive games


Irritated Dragon Simulator features

In mysterious world a crown prince of the Viking clan order his raged barbarian warriors to slay down the dragon own family to acquire all of the gems and gold. Infantrymen were changed into ashes however succeeded to kill toothless dragon toddler in the fire emblem shadow dragon struggle.

They forgot to take down the pink dragon most vicious and merciless amongst all. Indignant dragon flying in the direction of lost city to take back its revenge from dragons slayer viking horde in this dragon struggle sport. Play the maximum exciting flying dragon shoot fireball to spoil barbarian tower defense.

The warrior dragons quest starts offevolved learn how to manage fireplace respiration flying dragon to assault uncharted land of Viking castles and dungeons. The Viking dragons slayer military is armed fully with bow and arrow, cannon cart, spears and scorpio weapons to kill the irritated dragon flying within the epic dragon simulator.

Purple dragon changed into the lone survival in historic metropolis war. Emerge as the legendary dragon monster to raise hell truthful upon the barbarian village with dragon fury. Indignant dragon set on quest to seek mankind and damage dungeon, knight watch towers and brilliant wall. Turn out to be a risky vicious dragon beast and slaughter arch rival show no mercy in this epic dragon simulator.

Engage dragon warfare in non-stop movement recreation of pink dragon looking missions live lifestyles in delusion international to finish clash of warrior dragons quest. Royal fleet shooting dragon with hearth ballz spoil their cannon carts.

Soar high full fill indignant dragon revenge and control this vicious beast on killing spree in dragon warfare recreation. Forgot the ordinary dragon simulator show some dragon fury to avenge your circle of relatives.

The viking city hunter is flying dragon in skies hitting knight watch guards sneaky archer with fireplace ball. Be a dragon, fly like a hearth respiration creature from the medieval technology. With dragon revenge use fireball and fireplace breathing to aim goal from top of the human territory in flying dragon sport. Livid dragon attack enemy archer and spearman on citadel watchtower.

Dragon fire smash the tower defense of the barbarian knights with pyro. Fly over dragon hill assault with fury and rage like warrior dragon. Takeout dragons slayer troops first to breach their tower defenses and do away with the tower defence. Raise dragon family combat hearth wielding wizards, precise barbarians troops in actual Viking extended family wars.

Irritated Dragon Simulator features

  • Manage merciless mythical monster in this dragon struggle quest.
  • Discover precise islands with flying dragon over the Viking territory.
  • Burn, overwhelm, and spoil with dragon fireball.
  • Acquire gemstones on this red dragon simulator game.
  • Lovely flying dragon visual & audio effects with 3-d animation.
  • Movement packed dragon game for all dragon simulator lovers.