Manage Your Favorite Team with Online Soccer Manager

Manage Your Favorite Team with Online Soccer Manager


 Online soccer manager

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) is a splendid game that lets you manage a soccer team. Developed by Gamebasics BV, this app lets you live out the dream of managing a professional soccer team as you buy, sell and train a virtual team. Features

Full of fun features that create an authentic experience for the player, OSM allows users to choose a club (Ajax, PSV, Inter Milan, etc.) and make agreements with various professional clubs letting them use their official logos. You choose the team’s lineup, tactics (e.g. tiki-taka possession style or more direct style) and players. Virtually live out the role of a manager by sending out scouts, negotiating costs and trades, and selling team players. The decisions made do affect the outcomes of games so choose wisely! Play against your friends and challenge one another and/or join leagues. OSM is quite a step up above similar Fantasy Football Games due to its level of modifications. The replayability factor here is incredible. Each day players have a new competition to manage, whether simple friendly matches against other teams or daily training. Players also get a new team for each season. This app does require an active internet connection (hence the name) so you must first secure a reliable connection. unnamed

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Unfortunately, there isn’t any actual gameplay to be seen as in the Football Manager computer game. Online Soccer Manager is a goal-winner above other similar Android soccer manager games with the sheer volume of professional sports teams, players and the amount of modifications that users can make. Overall, this is a fun app to play but more actual gameplay for the matches would make it even better.

Appearance and Layout OSM has a smooth graphical design that makes it easy to understand how the game is played and is attractive in its appearance. Since there aren’t any gameplay graphics, players don’t need to worry about lag while playing (other than lag due to internet connectivity). The layout is decent, not too cluttered and it is easy for players to navigate through the various menus and maps. It is easy to change tactics and pick players. The general appearance is well developed and user friendly.

Value Online Soccer Manager is free to download. It does have numerous In-App Purchases that players can make to beef up their team and these range from $1.99 to $89.99. Online Soccer Manager needs 84 MB of space and offers ongoing entertainment with so much to offer.


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