Last Knights – Lazy writing, lazy production, and a waste of talent

Despite the high production values, this seems to be a lowest-common-denominator attempt at a fantasy epic. It is as if somebody wrote down on paper all the elements needed for a great fantasy film but then handed them out to 20 different people and let them all come back uncoordinated, watch Train To Busan 365movies. The end result is a mess that few of the actors seem to truly believe in – notably Clive Owen who often seems to be just reading his lines rather than acting them – and trips over itself in attempts to impress instead of just focusing on telling a story in the best possible way.

Last Knights 2015

Last Knights 2015

The medieval setting is not taken seriously. Morgan Freeman uses his standard American accent, a plethora of obviously-not-English characters talk purely in English, and the melting pot of cultures and ethnicities is rarely given much context, watch adventure movie. It’s like they sampled a modern day London high street then threw all those people into medieval garb. As an Englishman, many of the shooting locations were obvious ruins despite blatantly meant to be not-ruinous. Ruined walls (and in some shots, just the wall outlines!) in the background of most street shots never match with the glorious castles portrayed in the special effect produced panoramas. All of this lazy approach means the film never presents a setting that provided any kind of escapism for me. A less fussy viewer may not take issue with that, but if you like the details to be done right then this film is all wrong. I have no objection to creating fictional universes, but you have to establish them and this film never does that. It just throws the viewer into a seemingly-medieval realm that has no historical basis nor is an obvious fantasy universe, Red Tails – It’s a Should See film – Bring your children. The writing itself is also lazy. The plot ambles from one scene to the next, with very little attention paid to ensuring that subsequent plot and character behaviour makes sense. The best way to describe it would be, if you ever did as a child, folding a piece of paper multiple times and passing it around a table with each person drawing a bit based only on the edge of what the previous person drew. The subsequent drawing may join up at the seams but is generally a big mess. For example, the paranoia on display by Gezza Mott (Aksel Hennie) is never given a true foundation, despite its necessity for the film – indeed it is arguably the crux of the film as everything revolves around his over-the-top security precautions. No direct threat is made and the film makes it clear he has very little knowledge of Raiden, nor is there any obvious substance abuse involved. Still, Gezza Mott becomes so paranoid that he will build an impenetrable fortress. Aksel Hennie puts in one of the better performances, but his character is so poorly constructed that his efforts are largely wasted, watch Carnage Park 2017 free online. The frustrating thing is that this film did have all the ingredients to be a good one. The director seems to lack vision. He seems to just tackle each task as it came to him and then move on to the next, and the lack of planning and attention to detail means the film is like a a cloth stitched together by different people. It may have been weaved out of the finest material, but the picture is a mess and the stitching different all over


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