Hoverwatch Gives You a Bird’s Eye View–Android App Review

Hoverwatch Gives You a Bird’s Eye View

Parents today definitely have a tough job when it comes to ensuring their loved ones are safe—even from themselves. One way that helps where online safety is concerned, is to monitor a variety of activities so you know what’s going on. Privacy, or the lack thereof, is a touchy subject but in some cases, such as parents of young kids with smartphones, parent’s have a duty to know what their kids are doing and make sure they’re safe. You may have other reasons to monitor online activity, and in cases where it’s perfectly legal, it’s good to know there are tools and services available to get the job done.

An excellent option for monitoring a host of online activities is Hoverwatch. Developed by Refog, Inc., Hoverwatch is a fantastic way to keep tabs on all sorts of activities being done on the device you want to track, as well as the location of the device itself. Be it a an Android device, an iOS device, a Windows computer or a Mac you can easily keep track of text messages, WhatsApp messages, Facebook activity, the device’s location, and more.

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Hoverwatch Gives You a Bird’s Eye View

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Concept and Functionality Hoverwatch gives you basically what you would expect: users can install the application on the intended tracking device, and then monitor its use from afar in real time without the actual user knowing. That sounds invasive (and it is, we suppose) but there’s good reason for it. With Hoverwatch, a parent can easily see what their child has been up to, and determine if any monitored activities have potentially endangered them. The application keeps records of all incoming and outgoing text messages, regardless of whether they’re deleted on the device or not. Likewise, all call records are kept safely on the company’s servers. Hoverwatch Android App It goes beyond this, though. Let’s say the individual with the device is not where they’re supposed to be—you’re concerned, but what do you do? By using GPS tracking, Hoverwatch can monitor the devices location, allowing you (or the authorities) to quickly locate it and resolve the situation. You can even listen to the device’s surroundings through the application, allowing for unprecedented control and security. It’s smooth, effective, and endlessly useful. And if you’re using another application similar to Catch Me If You Can, we can assure you that it offers as many or more features.

Design and Graphics When it comes to layout and design, Hoverwatch is also everything we could hope for and more. It’s good-looking, easy to navigate, and of course, totally silent. If you don’t want the device user to know the application is running in the background, they will never see it. This allows or perfect security across the board, which is of pretty obvious value. We also appreciated how well the desktop, browser-based version of the app ties directly into the mobile app. You can, in fact, have a number of devices all running Hoverwatch, and monitor them all directly from the Web. This kind of functionality is not only useful, but downright gorgeous.

Overall Value At the end of the day, Hoverwatch is a terrific app with a specific purpose. The Personal edition lets you track one device and is $19.95 per month or $8.99 per month if you sign up for one year. The Family Plan lets you monitor up to 5 devices and $39.95 per month or $199.95 for a year, which comes out to $3.33 per month for each of 5 devices. If you’re interested in the functionality of this type of app, it’s worth it to check out the site to see all that the service covers. And as stated, if have a legitimate need for an app like this one, Hoverwatch is easily one of the best in the genre. Hoverwatch is easy to set up, easy to use, solid, well-designed, and feature-packed.

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