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Reviews Helicopter Sim game Curtis Clawson7 Add more please As a Helicopter games guy I like the direction you are going but you need more helicopters, the ah-1z viper, uh-1z venom, h-53 super stallion, or even a tilt rotor v-22 osprey would all be nice. Maybe add some dust off missions or a gun run mission. Thank you guys I love all your flight sims so far, just make this one a great flight sim. Jose Alvarado The only problem with this simulator is that there is only one helicopter games and one Island. Wonderful game though, and I love it, but it need more flexibility. So, spend your money if you just want a few hours of great fun. Even if you download all the scenario and complete them you’ll have nothing else. You could probably finish the game in one setting. My only request is that RORTO add more Choppers and islands. Robin Hensman Brilliance epitomised Top drawer game with the “must have one more go” addictiveness demonstrated by all classic and memorable games. Phenomenal graphics for a smart phone & worthy of transportation to console. A new phrase should be “As real as Rortos”. Thank you designers for the free version. I have now purchased the full version! Reminds me of a twenty first century version of the original classic “Desert Strike”. Do Rortos do any console games by the way ? ZyX __ Good It was great, nice graphics and very detailed. Although as a simulator, it needs improvement. One in particular is that a little scrape on the ground will blow up your helicopter entirely.



Why? Can’t there just be a little spark or something? Even when landing, even when going down at a decent space it will still explode. Please fix. Thanks! Greg Hargrove Really like this game Wish I would have downloaded it sooner. Is it difficult to play? Yes. if you’re looking for an arcade shooter, this isn’t the game for you. Looking for something more like a sim, this is the one. Very nice graphics. I hope they continue to support this game, I know it’s been out a while, but it’s getting hard to find really engaging games such as this. A+ martin mc parland Need to offer a selection of different helicopter platforms and maybe try and smooth out the transition from forward flight to the hover or just simply reducing speed,as this results in a jerky action which bleeds off too much airspeed. But apart from these gripes,I very much enjoyed the game. Very addictive and one of the better helicopter sims. Arthur Shannon Good game. Small details need updating. The game play is awesome. It just needs some updating on specifics. The aircraft is not a SH-60B. ‘Bravos’ main mission is anti-submarine warfare. The tail wheel is not on the very back of the tail cone and it doesn’t have two cabin side doors, among other details. This a/c is most likely similar to a MH-60S or some sort of black hawk. Other than going 200+ knots which is unrealistic for this airframe, its a pretty good SIM. Needs more aircalraft!! Sherif Salem Bad in landing. Still need a hover holding button. Everything is fine but I need a button to make the aircraft hold the hover without tilting the device effect its balance .. I can’t make a good landing.. Very Very bad in handling an firing is too disgusting. I lowered my rate. Ben Duck Needs fixing My biggest issue is I bought the rail yard package but it won’t let me play it. That needs to be fixed. It would also be really cool to have different helicopters. Some for cargo missions, civilian aircraft, etc. Overall it’s fun. Shyle Hobbs great game! Very very well done game, I find myself thinking “I cant wait to play”! My ONLY complaint is I wish there were more birds and maybe a mission creator like in fighters. Other than that I definitely suggest this one! Till Hirte It is a great game with wonderful controls and graphics for being a mobile game. But there is one minor thing bothering me very much. I can’t complete the campaign because the helicopter crashes once I try to land. I trained a lot and got under 0.5m in point landing, but still I always crash. Please fix! Iain Duncan Once you get the hang of the controls and stop trying to fly it like a helicopter it is amazingly addictive. The bad guys are as difficult to kill and the sound of their rounds impacting the airframe is a bit too chilling. It’s too easy to have a CFIT event when trying to aim the gun. An excellent game! Mai Nou Xiong Good app. But can use work This Is a great and fun app. I love the shooting portion of this game and love the graphics. Would have gave this app 5 stars if only there was free flight mode. And the flight physics is horrible !!!! It’s nearly impossible to do a great landing without losing balance of the aircraft. This other app called “AIR CALVARY” is by far one of the best app with great flight physics but there is no enemy on the ground shooting at you etc. Definitely needs different aircrafts. J AD Awesome game!! I appreciate the challenge. I do wish there were more aircraft. I’ve been playing the free version and have been very close to buying the full version, but what holds me back is that there’s no evidence that the are more Helicopters to choose from. But nonetheless, great game!!! I have enjoyed it very much. Cole Gidley Disappointed and Discouraged The 1st game I downloaded was Carrier 1. I have bought Fighters Pro and Landings Pro. I have been happy with all and even took the bugs in stride.(ie The map bug that fks up names of cities) However, with this game, it crashes every time I die or move onto a new mission. Its unacceptable and I won’t pay for anything related to it. Please fix it asap. Talavera Danilo Good Gunship Sim: ? Flying the gunship it’s more difficult than fighter jets. I can’t barely manage to fly, while using weapons at the same time. But i know the techniques. And also you only one gunship to takeoff the sky. Would you better add, UH-60, UH-A1, Z-10, MI-24 Hind, AH-1W Super Cobra, RAH-66 Comanche, AH-64 Apache, KA-50 White Shark, and more. David Chong Nice graphics but lousy controls Very good graphics but ruined by unrealistic and over sensitive controls. The helicopter flies more like a remote control toy helicopter than a real one. Controls are more like a plane than helicopter. Helicopter from Proma has better controls. If only… kyle lester Lg g4 great game one thing though Hey you did a great job with this game there only one thing with the game i have noticed so far and that it when you click on your manual aim if you are not absolutely stopped the. Helicopter games will continue to move around and crash into things. Good job.


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