Two Point Hospital Review - Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Two Point Hospital Review – Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Two Point Hospital Review – Laughter Is The Best Medicine. Back in 1997, Theme Hospital laughed us all back to health with its acutely tongue-in-cheek approach to hospital management simulation. 21 years later, Two Point Hospital pulls at the same nostalgic heart strings, channeling Theme Hospital’s brand of brash, British humour and mixing it with some surprisingly deep economic management gameplay. Two Point Hospital simultaneously pays homage to its predecessor while surgically carving out its own place in your heart.

Two Point Hospital puts you behind the administrator’s desk and charges you with both the grander and finer aspects of managing your new hospital empire, from designing the internal layout of each building down to hiring staff and researching treatments. You’ll start out small with only a single hospital and a handful of illnesses to worry about treating and slowly build your way up towards managing larger locations with multiple buildings and a vast range of wacky illnesses that require special rooms and equipment to treat. Its goofy style–bright colours and characters with big, bulbous heads–belies the depth of its management simulation, finding a good balance between both aspects. Helpful tutorials in each mission ease you into the concepts behind new objectives at a comfortable pace, and as you complete them, you’ll earn stars to unlock new missions as well as room types.

For your hospital to run smoothly and make lots of money, patients need to be diagnosed and then treated as quickly as possible. For some that means a quick trip to the GP’s office, then a jab in the injection room. But for most, this means long stays and visits between different rooms for tests and eventual treatment. For these patients, as well as your staff, you’ll need to make sure there’s plenty of things around to keep their mood up, placing importance on how you make use of your space. Getting it right can make the difference between having the best reputation in the business, or causing an innumerable number of patient deaths, dropping your reputation and bank balance into the toilet. Helpfully, you’re given lots of colourful graphs and floor charts to work out what needs improvement, so you’re not left out in the cold trying to work out why all your patients are rage-quitting and storming out the hospital doors before being treated.

Two Point Hospital Review - Laughter Is The Best Medicine

The tools for drawing out rooms and placing furnishings feel intuitive and robust; rooms are drawn out like blueprints on a floor plan, then once you’re happy with the layout you can place your items like desks, bookshelves and coffee machines. Items help add prestige to a room, and are unlocked using Kudosh, a reward currency that’s awarded for completing objectives. The larger the room and the more you fill it with items, the higher its prestige and happier staff and patients will be when using it, meaning staff work longer and for less money and patients will pay you more. This creates an interesting dichotomy between saving available space for a bigger variety of rooms, or building larger, higher-level rooms and seeing the effects that both have on your staff and patients.

Later missions go out of their way to shake up the established gameplay loop by throwing machine-damaging natural disasters like storms and earthquakes at you. You need to draw on everything you’ve learned up to that point as mission objectives broaden and your funds start to spread thin. You also have to consider the mind-boggling number of different treatment rooms to research and prioritise which to build and which patients to turn away. While some diseases only require a pharmacy to cure, others require their own rooms with expensive equipment, and putting all your money into the wrong treatments could leave your bank account reeling.

Thankfully anything that’s researched in one mission becomes available in all others, so if you get stuck somewhere and don’t have the funds to research what you need, you can always go back to a previous hospital and get them to front the research bill instead. This grander focus across all your hospitals extends to a light multiplayer portion in the form of leaderboards. All of your stats like cure rates, money earned and reputation are saved to online leaderboards, where you can compare your successes and failures against your friends. It’s only good for bragging rights, but it’s a nice addition regardless.

Cut The Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2: Top 4 tips, tricks

There are lots of ways to play through Cut the Rope, which is part of what makes it such a popular game. That doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of tips and tricks to help you get Om Nom through levels and to his prized candy faster. From finding secret items to completing additional challenges, Cut the Rope 2 is packed full of different ways to earn bonus items, unlock additional levels, and more. Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats to help you along the way…

1. There’s more than one way to feed an Om Nom

Restarting a level in the Cut the Rope is a button tap away and you should use restart fairly often. Don’t be afraid to cut ropes, tap on items to see what they do, drop candy, and more. One of my favorite things about Cut the Rope has always been the no pressure atmosphere of the game. The point is to think things through and solve the puzzle that’s set in front of you. Not all of us can do that in one shot, and that’s perfectly okay.

Cut The Rope 2

2. Explore each level, don’t be afraid to restart

Restarting a level in the Cut the Rope is a button tap away and you should use restart fairly often. Don’t be afraid to cut ropes, tap on items to see what they do, drop candy, and more. One of my favorite things about Cut the Rope has always been the no pressure atmosphere of the game. The point is to think things through and solve the puzzle that’s set in front of you. Not all of us can do that in one shot, and that’s perfectly okay.

3. Beat the clock for a better score

It’s relatively easy to get all three stars in each level, but it isn’t easy to get top scores. This goes back to tip #1 in which there’s normally more than one way to complete a level. Naturally some of those ways are much faster than others. Your score is directly related to not only how many stars you get (you only need one in order to clear the level and move one), but how fast you manage to do it. If you want top rankings in Game Center, you’ll need to replay some levels in order to complete levels faster.

4. Know your enemies, friends, and obstacles around you

Many obstacles stand in Om Nom’s way but there’s just as many friends that appear to help him. So along with exploring each level like I stated in tip #2, make sure you’re also aware of what each friend brings to the table. For example, in levels where Lick is present the first thing I always do is tap on him to see exactly what he attaches himself to. That way I can see clear paths and tie in the other objects and obstacles relatively easily.


Dogfight 2 – Dog fighting games

Take to the skies and start flying excessive inside the latest flight simulation. Make your manner as much as the pinnacle and be the nice airplane pilot inside the world, with tons of precise flight missions and a big choice of aircraft to select from, you will have the last flying experience on cellular!

!!to be had TO down load NOW, free of charge!!

With short and clean flight tutorials, get caught right into the arena of flying simulators and strive out all of the unique and interesting flight ranges a good way to positioned you in the cockpit of some of the maximum recognizable planes and plane within the global.

Whole missions to earn in-recreation credits to unencumber bigger, better, quicker planes. Fly in some single propeller planes, wreck the sound barrier in a F-18 fighter jet, or pilot a huge air bus full of passengers travelling the sector.

Do not want to do levels? There a mode only for you! Fly for as long as you need, uninterrupted loose Flight mode permits you to fly in all the planes without a objective, until you need to locate all the hidden golden jewelry spread at some stage in the entire map of the game, collect all earrings for a unique marvel!

In this simulation it creates realtime weather situations, day and night time cycle, with clean skies, tropical rainstorms, thunder and lighting, turbulence and more!

Take flight and stay the lifestyles of the Airliner pilot, experience the whole lot they do for a residing in our modern, thrilling, new sport, aircraft Flight Simulator 2017!


  • Real lifestyles airplanes and aircraft geared up to fly!.
  • Lots of precise flight missions and goals (more to come quickly!).
  • Huge, excessive pleasant open world with tremendous specific locations.
  • Lose Flight mode PLUS plenty of collectibles to acquire.
  • Accelerometers for tilt controls, additionally button controls.
  • Fun praise gadget for dogfight 2, unencumber planes quicker.
  • Dynamic lighting and sounds of a industrial airplane and surroundings.
  • Top notch on-board cameras, get every cool view of the aircraft.

Play Papa’s Pizzeria game HD online

Matters get messy when you’re left in fee of cool math papa’s freezeria Louie’s wildly famous pizza parlor! You will be busy inside the pizzeria as you release a big selection of toppings, crusts, and sauces for brand spanking new seasonal pizzas as well as all-time traditional elements. Top, bake, and serve pizzas on this award-triumphing sport that is updated and remastered for pills.

Every station within the restaurant is a palms-on procedure, and you’ll need to multi-undertaking among all of the distinctive stations to hold up along with your pizza orders. Choose a crust, add sauce and cheese, and upload a selection of scrumptious toppings to the pizza. Slide the pizza into the oven and wait till it is baked just right. Head to the slicing Station to cut the pizza into ideal slices, and serve the completed pie on your hungry customers!

Sport capabilities

Papa Louie’s scrumptious pizzas at the moment are to be had for transport! Rent a delivery person to answer the phone when a customer calls with an order for shipping. While the pizza is prepared, they will carry the pizza proper to the customer’s house!

Celebrate the seasons with new excursion pizza flavors! Because the seasons change in Tastyville, your customers will order their pizzas with new seasonal elements. You will liberate new crusts, sauces, and toppings for each vacation of the year, and your clients will love trying new flavors for a festive meal!

Customers will every so often bring you unique special Recipes, which you may function the every day special in the pizza save! Each special also has a bonus you can earn for serving a high example of that recipe. Whilst you serve enough Specials to master that recipe, you may additionally earn a unique prize!

Play as Roy or his sister pleasure — or create your own custom man or woman to run the pizzeria! You may additionally display off your excursion spirit with a huge style of excursion clothes and clothing on your people. Pick precise coloration combinations for every item of clothing, and create your very own fashion with tens of millions of mixtures!

Lacking your favored consumer? Why no longer send them a few coupons with the assist of your friendly mailman, Vincent! Clients love a bargain, and could directly arrive to reserve another pizza. Coupons are awesome for finishing quests for Stickers and for strategically leveling up clients!

The customizable foyer is lower back, with new topics of furnishings and decorations for every holiday of the 12 months! Enhance the restaurant with excursion decorations and your clients might not mind ready even longer for their food.

Play Foodini’s famous Mini-video games to earn new fixtures in your lobby and new garb for your people. You can also go to the store after each workday to find an in depth wardrobe of clothing, lots of furnishings on your lobby, and a diffusion of beneficial enhancements for the restaurant which you could buy along with your difficult-earned suggestions.

Papa’s collection of Stickers return, which you could earn with the aid of finishing a extensive form of duties and achievements as you play. Every client has a hard and fast of 3 preferred Stickers: Earn all 3 and you’ll be rewarded with a logo-new outfit to present to that purchaser!


Baby Hazel Cinderella Story online for girls on pc and mobile

experience the maximum famous people tale of Cinderella baby hazel games for girls with infant Hazel! It’s far a story of a young girl, named Cinderella, who was residing in unlucky instances, which are magically changed to splendid fortune. This endearing tale capabilities unpleasant mind-set of stepmother and stepsisters, a surprising magical transformation of poor Cinderella to the most quite princess, helpful fairy god-mom, misplaced glass slipper, prince’s hunt for his pal and masses more.
great game functions:
• help Cinderella to satisfy by no means-finishing needs of her stepmother and stepsisters
• assist Cinderella in completing the chores so that she will be able to attend the royal ball
• Have a laugh giving funny makeovers to Cinderella’s stepsisters for giggles
• heaps of royal clothing and add-ons to get dressed up Cinderella for the royal ball
• enjoy the mystical adjustments by way of fairy god-mother to assist Cinderella attain the palace
• go along with Prince to discover the proprietor of a lost glass slipper
what’s inner:
• Dozens of bathing items to wash child Hazel inclusive of shampoos, soaps and bathtub toys
• Cool night attire to dress up baby Hazel for her bedtime
• specific kinds of toys to play
• Flavored tea to put together – milk, cranberry, cocoa
• 20+ pleasant add-ons which includes funky glasses, hairstyles, caps and mustaches for humorous makeover
• 20+ royal clothes and accessories to attempt on Hazel such as crowns, robes, pair of earring, necklaces and pair of footwear
• 20+ royal clothing and accessories to help prince look maximum handsome boy
• type of yummy treats and fruit juices to serve on the royal ball
• 6 mini games to earn diamonds! Accumulate diamonds to shop for fantastic gadgets
• Spin Fortune Wheel to win marvel gift
So children, experience playing baby Hazel Cinderella story game to live a life of Cinderella, complete of surprises and magic!

Play Pearls summer holiday

It’s Pearls summer holiday but she virtually should clean up the mess she made at some point of her holiday.

are you able to help your daddy and cleanup the mess you’ve got made. On this cool cool games on Summer vacation messy house makeover you need to clean the residence(kitchen, rest room, drowsing room, laundry room), the swimming pool, the dog residence, pony house, tree house and cleanup the red car.

are you able to assist Pearl and her daddy and smooth up all the distinct rooms? Are you prepared for a actual summer season excursion cleanup?
In Pearls summer vacation Cleanup you could play diverse cool degrees. Emerge as daddy’s little helper in this cleanup recreation and earn you rewards :).

***game functions Pearls summer holiday Cleanup***

* come to be daddy’s little helper
* clean to play cleanup game
* MEGA every day bonus
* clean up the house(kitchen, lavatory, sound asleep room, laundry room), the swimming pool, the canine residence, pony house, tree house and smooth the purple automobile.
* Earn rewards for every little aspect you do in the sport!

Pearls summer excursion Cleanup is a recreation from pinnacle woman video games and one of the new cleanup series in which you may clean up:the residence(kitchen, lavatory, dozing room, laundry room), the swimming pool, the dog residence, pony residence, tree house and clean up the pink automobile.

We post many distinctive clean to play lady games apps. We are hoping you’ll experience our summer holiday easy up game and we hope you give us the love through liking our fb web page or follow us on twitter or Instagram. So we are able to preserve you up to date on our smooth up, runner, princess and all sort of distinctive games


Irritated Dragon Simulator features

In mysterious world a crown prince of the Viking clan order his raged barbarian warriors to slay down the dragon own family to acquire all of the gems and gold. Infantrymen were changed into ashes however succeeded to kill toothless dragon toddler in the fire emblem shadow dragon struggle.

They forgot to take down the pink dragon most vicious and merciless amongst all. Indignant dragon flying in the direction of lost city to take back its revenge from dragons slayer viking horde in this dragon struggle sport. Play the maximum exciting flying dragon shoot fireball to spoil barbarian tower defense.

The warrior dragons quest starts offevolved learn how to manage fireplace respiration flying dragon to assault uncharted land of Viking castles and dungeons. The Viking dragons slayer military is armed fully with bow and arrow, cannon cart, spears and scorpio weapons to kill the irritated dragon flying within the epic dragon simulator.

Purple dragon changed into the lone survival in historic metropolis war. Emerge as the legendary dragon monster to raise hell truthful upon the barbarian village with dragon fury. Indignant dragon set on quest to seek mankind and damage dungeon, knight watch towers and brilliant wall. Turn out to be a risky vicious dragon beast and slaughter arch rival show no mercy in this epic dragon simulator.

Engage dragon warfare in non-stop movement recreation of pink dragon looking missions live lifestyles in delusion international to finish clash of warrior dragons quest. Royal fleet shooting dragon with hearth ballz spoil their cannon carts.

Soar high full fill indignant dragon revenge and control this vicious beast on killing spree in dragon warfare recreation. Forgot the ordinary dragon simulator show some dragon fury to avenge your circle of relatives.

The viking city hunter is flying dragon in skies hitting knight watch guards sneaky archer with fireplace ball. Be a dragon, fly like a hearth respiration creature from the medieval technology. With dragon revenge use fireball and fireplace breathing to aim goal from top of the human territory in flying dragon sport. Livid dragon attack enemy archer and spearman on citadel watchtower.

Dragon fire smash the tower defense of the barbarian knights with pyro. Fly over dragon hill assault with fury and rage like warrior dragon. Takeout dragons slayer troops first to breach their tower defenses and do away with the tower defence. Raise dragon family combat hearth wielding wizards, precise barbarians troops in actual Viking extended family wars.

Irritated Dragon Simulator features

  • Manage merciless mythical monster in this dragon struggle quest.
  • Discover precise islands with flying dragon over the Viking territory.
  • Burn, overwhelm, and spoil with dragon fireball.
  • Acquire gemstones on this red dragon simulator game.
  • Lovely flying dragon visual & audio effects with 3-d animation.
  • Movement packed dragon game for all dragon simulator lovers.

Fish Live is the game for all fish lovers

Fish live is the sport for all Big fish games fans! Raised a fish currently? Play Fish stay and raise, feed and breed your very own lovable fishes!

By means of playing this sport you could discover yourself hopelessly hooked on feeding and worrying for lovable fishes, redecorating your tanks with amazing tropical flowers, and alluring others to view them to your personal glorious tank.

Moreover you can blend and match your fishes to make your own unique fishes, e.g. ORANGESWING + YELLOWFEST.

Recreation functions

  • Dozens of lovable fishes to elevate such as sharks.
  • Fish come alive for your tank with first rate 3-D animations.
  • Let your creativeness run wild with hundreds of decorations, plants and backgrounds.
  • Easy and smooth-to-use faucet interface.
  • Stunning and particular pictures.
  • Visit, clean, feed your friends fishes and degree as much as end up ‘pinnacle’ buddies.

Essential notice: in case you need to exchange gadgets, please bind your facebook account with the modern tool first, and then login to your new device thru facebook Login. Do not uninstall the sport earlier than binding fb account. Thank you.


My Dolphin display – cools games for girls

Her dolphin and dolphin coaches are prepared to impress the target audience with their overall performance in clear water. This is not a small aquarium however a top notch show like when you watch in Sea world or different water parks.

No net and wifi needed to play this game. free cool games for girls you can play with out wifi!

right here are the things that your dolphins can do: seaside volleyball, jumping thru donut rings, crossing barriers, splashing water, leaping through the ring, scoring desires, selecting up cue, pinata beat, aerobatics, water strolling, wood ball rolling, basketball, love kissing, golfing, volleyball, catching fish from instructor, water ring, catching ball, ringing bell and longer greater fun amusing.

There are 39 amusing costumes / aquatic animal / pet:
Cheerleader, ghost, red dolphin, clown fish, banana, lobster, zebra, crocodile, princess, shark, tiger, turtle, diving fit, wedding ceremony dress, fairy, polar bear, canine wolfs, sea lions, celebrities, angels, whales, Hawaiian skirts, Devils, silver dolphins, mermaids, Santa Claus, frogs, splendid dolphins, penguins, hippos, golden dolphins, seahorses, rainbow dolphins, sparkling dolphins and more.

the sport has seventy two tables and greater tables to come. You may carry out at the subsequent venues:
Hawaii, Yachts (love yachts), Las Vegas, topic parks, water subject parks.

attempt for the Olympic gold medal and swim thru the coral reef, winning 3 gold stars in each display!

unfastened downloadable video games. This is a family recreation suitable for children (each boys and girls) and adults. You’re in no way too old to play with the dolphins.

You do now not want Wifi to play, and you could hold to play offline everywhere: on the teach, on the bus, or even on the aircraft. Please install and open the sport as soon as, and now you could play offline!


Games free Math Games, Learn Add, Subtract

Free mathematics Games for everybody from children to adults. Best maths exhibition game to coach your brain & is intended for all ages as well as children, women and boys, adults as well as oldsters and grandparents. Smallest in size Maths App on Google Play ! Best multiplication and division games with Addition and Subtraction games beat one app.

Languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese .


  • Addition games: Adding numbers with Quiz and apply games.
  • Subtraction games: Subtracting numbers to unravel the equations.
  • Multiplication games: Multiplication tables learning and duel play mode.
  • Division games: apply and learn Division tables.
  • Maths Times Tables.

Each class has completely different play modes to enhance mathematics skills – Play, Learn, Quiz, Practice, Duel and check. Mathematics games may be academic Learning for teenagers or brain coaching app for Adults. Basic and straightforward mathematics Game of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with colourful worksheets. Every set of worksheet shows a score once completion.

Mathematical calculations to play and apply with straightforward addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Currently transfer and play at no cost on robot ! Improve your arithmetic skills or learn count numbers. The games area unit therefore straightforward and simple even the youngest children will play it.

Fun addition and subtraction games with multiplication tables, designed for all smartphones and tablets, no web association required. As well as Times Tables Multiplications and Division.

Download our mathematics game currently from Google Play and share this wonderful game to apply cooler math.