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Explore Before Departure with Preparture

Preparture is a travel app with jaw-dropping capability for all travelers. This incredible app helps users make the most of their time by offering them suggestions of things to do and places to see with any spare time before they need to leave the city. Developed by Preparture Inc., Preparture is a unique way to calculate what you can do with the time that you have before departing.

Explore Before Departure with Preparture

Explore Before Departure with Preparture

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Features Preparture has relatively simple features but the way they are packaged into this neat app easily make it one of the better travel apps available. It requires you to enter in your basic traveling info, such as how you’re departing (plane, train, car, etc.), where you’re departing from, when you’re departing, and what interests you have. Then Preparture calculates all of the surrounding places that fit into your interests and gives you a list of the places that you can visit within your time frame. You’ll get directions for each place from your current location and, even better, Preparture shows you just how much time you can spend at those places before you need to leave for the airport (or train station). Preparture also lets you view the places in a Map mode (just tap the map icon in the upper right corner when viewing results) which can provide an easier frame of reference for where places are.


Preparture Android App While it does require a few permissions in order to work, such as accessing your phone (to call a business from within the app), accessing your location (to calculate distance and travel time), accessing your photos (to change your profile picture), and accessing your contacts (to share the app with your pals), we’re think it’s a fair trade. Preparture cuts down on the amount of time you need to research and find places on your own by providing you with the contact info for each place, which helps a great deal when you’re on a tight time schedule and can’t afford to spend that extra ten minutes searching around via your browser. Overall, we loved how Preparture calculates the time we can spend at each place before we need to head over to the airport (or wherever your point of departure is) and found it to be incredibly useful in places we were unfamiliar with.

Appearance and Layout This handy travel companion looks splendid with its friendly pastel cityscape background and easy-to-read font sizes, and it color-codes each category of place to visit, which makes it a breeze to find places that suit your interest. Preparture is laid out well, which makes navigating through the app fairly easy. The icon sizes for each business’s contact info are a bit smaller than we’d like, but besides that the app has a great layout and design. Overall, we enjoyed using Preparture for an upcoming trip we had, and we think that it looks great.

Value Preparture is free on the Google Play Store and is only a 15 MB download. There are banner ads along the bottom of the screen, but for a free app that takes away the headache of planning where to go and what to do before your afternoon flight, Preparture gets it done in style. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.


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