‘Mr. Heaven’: The trick is from the beautiful boy handsome

Chut (Sunny Suwanmethenon) and Jane (Yaya Urassaya) are brothers who have been together since childhood, being raised by their mother alone after their father left home. But when they grow up, they are “left-handed”.

Contrary to the brightness, the order of her younger brother, Chut is a lazy, delicate, never behaved like a brother brother. Everything in the house is shared by Jane, while Chut only knows how to dress up to go to the girl.

After spending four years studying in cherry blossom country and returning to Thailand, her sister applied for a job at a Japanese corporation. It is here that Jane emerges with his charismatic co-worker Moji (Nichkhun). They started dating, and the Thai-Japanese couple had an intention to propose to Jane soon.

It will not matter if the corporation that Jane worked not accidentally is the customer is hiring Chut advertising company. Knowing that his sister has a lover, Chut has “blood” brother and determined to use a monster to prevent the couple to escape.

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Imagination is pure comedy, turned out to be drama

In 2017, the producer GDH 559 of Thailand has made movie lovers around the world admiration for the school film bold thriller Bad Genius – genius rogue .Brother of the Year is the latest project of the company, followed in the style gentle, nhí bùi nature of the Thai.

From the trailer as well as the funniest poster, many viewers predict that the content of Brother of the Year will primarily revolve around the hoax “no touch” of his brother Chut. For comedic titles with counterfeit characters, viewers are looking forward to the conflict between Chut and “brother-in-law” Moji pushed to the climax.

'He is my name': He is very nice guy 2
The humor in the film is not much and mainly in the first half of the work.

In fact, GDH 559 has been very successful in distracting viewers, because the work is more emotional than humorous. The contradiction between Chut and Moji was resolved briefly, and the film circuit then focused mainly on the resolution of discord between brother and sister.

Discord comes from Chut’s self-deprecating sense, as Jane from childhood has proven superior to his brother in every way. Even when grown up, his private life is also interfered by her careful, orderly personality. Meanwhile, Jane always loves his brother “heaven beat,” but often feel ashamed when Chut never appear to be the real brother.

Surprise in the script is quite reasonable. According to many sources, the GDH 559 producer is trying to diversify the Thai film market as their colleagues have produced so many comedy or horror films. However, for those of you who go to Brother of the Year for the comedy trailer, they will probably feel a little lonely.

Cast “pretty boys, beautiful girls”

” Brother of the Year” starring Sunny Suwanmethenon, Yaya Urassaya and Nichkhun are all very popular characters in the Thai movie industry.

'He is my name': He is very nice guy 3
Jane and Moji make love story beautiful and romantic in the movie.

If Urassaya is impressed by the beauty of “Western” personality, then Nichkhun easy to please the audience of beauty thanks to the innocent, gentle face standard “good boys”. The emotional relationship between the two characters is very natural and lovely, a bit romantic and slightly as in the shōjo (female manga).

However, the “limelight” really belongs to Sunny Suwanmethenon’s Chut. Prior to Brother of the Year , he was able to showcase his acting skills in a number of humorous, romantic comedies such as Heart Attack and I Fine .. Thank You .. Love You.

While Jane and Moji are quite safe and do not have much change throughout the work, Chut’s psychological development is the “rib” of the film. Originally portrayed as “bad boy” lazy, mouth, Chut gradually make viewers more disturbed by the feelings that he tries to hide for long.

'He is my name': He is very nice guy 4
His brother “monster” Chut is the focus of the entire work.

Chut’s deep choice of psychological exploits make Brother of the Year as late as the rare comedy, funny as the beginning of the film. The atmosphere is so serious that the constant conflict between Chut and Jane is heavy, and the work itself becomes rampant at the end.

Overall, Brother of the Year is a highly entertaining work. However, be prepared for a psychological drama rather than humor as the producers advertised.

The movie is being shown nationwide under the title of his brother “heaven beat.”

Sago Mini Friends: Cool free app of the week

Sago Mini Friends: Cool free app of the week

Sago Mini Friends: Cool free app of the week – When your preschooler wants to play, but you really need a few uninterrupted minutes to finish some work or get dinner on the table, we’ve found an entire menagerie of adorable friends who will be happy to set up a playdate at any time. And these friends are really good at sharing, cleaning up, and coming up with new games to play.

Sago Mini Friends: Cool free app of the week

Sago Mini Friends is a colorful, cartoony free app aimed at entertaining kids ages 2-4 with gentle gameplay that our littlest ones can easily figure out on their own.

Created by Sago Sago, a Toronto-based company which happens to be a sister company to the much-loved Toca Boca, Sago Mini Friends lets kids choose an animal character to take on visits to friends’ homes where they play dress up, trains, or–my favorite–let’s wash the dishes. Everything about this game is pure cuteness. Kids don’t get things wrong, friends don’t fight, and there is so much variety here that no one is going to get bored.

Sago Mini Friends: Cool free app of the week

Sago Mini Friends: Cool free app of the week

I love that there are no ads anywhere in this app and no sneaky in-app purchases. And if your kids really love this app,  Sago Sago has 16 more apps, including a few that are free as well. You may want to make sure you clear some room on your tablet.

Play offline!

It was really important to us that the 24+ games in World could be played offline – while keeping the initial download size low. If you see a little blue arrow below a game, that means you’ll need to tap it to make it available offline. No arrow? That game is already available to play offline. (Say hello to happier car rides!)

Find favourites fast

Want to find your favourite game fast? (And with preschoolers, we know time is of the essence.) Just open the quick access menu at the bottom of the menu to quickly scroll through all the games.

All your settings, in one place.

You can access your World settings through your device settings. So if you’d like to enable Easter-themed Friends, or try out some holiday garb in Babies Dress Up, just tap into your device settings, and scroll down to find Sago Mini World.

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Fishing Clash Fish Game 2018

Fishing Clash: Fish Game 2018 on the App Store

Recently Tencent Game has official released PUBG Mobile overseas on iOS and Google Play. The game is a perfect mobile copy to the original PUBG game. It targets to compete with Rules of Survival and Knives out from Netease Game. Here is the guide to teach you how to play PUBG Mobile on PC with MEmu App Player.

Fishing Clash Fish Game 2018

Recommended specs for getting the most out of PUBG Mobile: Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB RAM. So if you don’t have a high spec phone or not familiar with shooting game on small phone screen, here is the best solution for you!

How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

The game is available almost worldwide in Google Play and iTunes. Alternatively, if you would like to sideload the APK, you can download it from third party sites.

I highly recommend to play PUBG Mobile on PC using MEmu Player. If you haven’t downloaded yet, please install it here. (The latest MEMU supports )

In MEmu Player, install PUBG mobile in Google Play or sideload the APK on the right side bar.

Once installed, you will see it on your home screen. Simply open it and the first launch will begin to download game resources. Once complete, you will able to play PUBG Mobile on your PC!

When you enter into PUBG mobile in MEmu Player, the default key-mapping will be loaded automatically. It thoughtfully matches the keyboard/mouse behavior in the original PUBG game, so very easy to get used and have chicken dinner with your friends.

Source: 2androids.net

Stranger Things: The Game – Where to Find all Eggos

Stranger Things: The Game – Where to Find all Eggos

Stranger Things: The Game – Where to Find all Eggos – We’ve listed the eight Eggos in the game by using the quantity shown inside the Collections tab of your item inventory. if you’re lacking a specific range, just scroll all the way down to that selection. the primary line in rates is the description of the Eggo given in-sport once it’s determined which may be used as a wellknown hint. After that we give an explanation for exactly wherein it’s far.

Stranger Things: The Game – Where to Find all Eggos

Eggo #1: “discovered hidden internal Hawkins Lab.”

The boss of Hawkins country wide Laboratory—the primary dungeon in the sport—drops Eggo #1 whilst defeated. This boss requires you to use Lucas to shoot the manage panels near the Evil Scientist to open the door to the left or proper, use the panel internal this room to close off the laser, and then attack the Scientist with Hopper.

Stranger Things: The Game – Where to Find all Eggos

Stranger Things: The Game – Where to Find all Eggos

Eggo #2: “located within the woodland Maze.”

The boss of the forest Maze drops Eggo #2 when defeated. This war is largely a undertaking of the Armos Knights fight from A hyperlink to the beyond, besides you want to apply Nancy’s bat rather than bow and arrows. Nancy has to hit each soldier until they drop their guard, then she—or some other character to your celebration—can assault them like normal. We located it became simplest to awareness on one enemy at a time and use Lucas to shoot unshielded enemies as they ran beyond.

Eggo #3: “discovered in the wreckage of a Conspicuous Van.” The Conspicuous Van is the boss you combat after finishing the middle college dungeon and it drops Eggo #3. As you’re pedaling alongside, caution icons will appear at the proper aspect of the screen, indicating an obstacle is about to seem in that lane. You ought to stay in—or circulate to—a lane with a caution icon lengthy sufficient for the Van to comply with, then fast keep away from to a safe lane. The Van is slower to stay away from and could be hit through the incoming objects, taking damage.

Stranger Things: The Game – Where to Find all Eggos

Stranger Things: The Game – Where to Find all Eggos

Eggo #4: “located vacuum sealed within the Sewers.”

The boss of the Sewers drops Eggo #4 while defeated. Use Will for the complete struggle: disguise behind a pillar on the begin and then make a ruin for the water to Will’s proper. He’ll be washed to a pipe; input this pipe to emerge on the alternative side of the display screen, permitting you to attack the Hazmat Gunner from behind. keep alternating aspects and attacking—pass lower back within the pipe as quickly as he knocks you returned, sneak up on him from the alternative side, rinse and repeat.
Eggo #5: “observed inside the Hawkins Public Library.”

The boss of the public Library drops Eggo #five while defeated. The Elite group boss is one of the more tough ones in the game, actually because it’s a stealth-based mission and being noticed even as soon as forces you to restart from the beginning of the battle. You need to dispatch every agent within te room—both patrolling and desk bound—with out being stuck in every body’s attractions. The patrolling guards may be lured with Dustin’s pudding into laser beams or onto buttons in order to doubtlessly hurt different retailers. The desk bound blonde guards will no longer move, even for pudding. each one is status in front of an inactive laser beam that you may turn on somewhere inside the room. watch out for the green laser beam nodes on the partitions and try not to stand in front of them before which buttons do what.
Eggo #6: “found deep in the Hawkins Lab Bunker.”

The boss of the Lab Bunker drops Eggo #6 whilst defeated. The Tentacle Hydra takes greater rounds to kill than the relaxation of the game’s bosses. We located the easiest way to dispatch it become to recognition on one facet especially: select your facet and then keep doing the equal steps again and again for each spherical. We knocked the upside down bomb into the tentacles at the left aspect of the display, revealing a manipulate panel that turned on the lasers. We then turned around the mirrors via the controls in the front of the Hydra, turning the lasers onto its left side and doing one spherical of damage. After it drops enemies, the tentacles, mirrors, and lasers reset, but you could do the exact same steps every round to complete it off.

Stranger Things: The Game – Where to Find all Eggos

Stranger Things: The Game – Where to Find all Eggos

Eggo #7: “determined in the refrigerator of the Wheeler’s house.”

This one is quite straightforward: head to the Wheeler residence inside the southwest part of metropolis. It’s just south of the excessive faculty and has a blue roof and brick façade. It’s handy when you complete the center college dungeon. The Eggo is within the refrigerator on the first floor.
Eggo #8: “found hidden inside Bradley’s large buy.”

Any time once you have Nancy, head to Bradley’s massive purchase save near the middle of the map (simply northeast of the center school). walk up past the clerk to the northeast corner of the store. there’s a cracked wall Nancy can spoil; head via this wall into a freezer room with two rats and the Eggo.
as soon as you’ve got all eight Eggos go to the northern woodland, just west of the Sewer. Head to the center (just right of coronary heart Piece #4 and its undergo parent) where there’s a tree stump entrance. enter this and you’ll be in a small clearing with a lock container. have interaction with the lock field and eleven will pop out; she’ll then be available as a man or woman permanently, for your current sport and all destiny keep files on each difficulties.

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Tips For Playing Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare has arrived on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, with gameplay unlike anything the series has ever seen. It’s so wildly different, I thought you folks could use a few tips.

Since Garden Warfare is an online multiplayer game, we’re giving our review an extra day to see how servers hold up. Until then, here’s some helpful advice to get you started.


Play The Original Plants Vs. Zombies

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is an online multiplayer shooter, which is almost the complete opposite of the original game, an offline, mostly single-player tower defense variant. While there is a little planting to be done in some of Garden Warfare’s more elaborate game modes, for the most part it’s completely unlike the series that spawned it.

So why bother playing it in preparation? For one, it’ll help you appreciate the look and feel of Garden Warfare — it’s quite impressive, seeing the static locations from the lane defense series coming to life.

Playing Plants Vs. Zombies before Garden Warfare will also give you a leg up when it comes to some of powers the plants and zombies bring to bear on the battlefield. When you do get into a mode like Garden Ops, which requires setting up plant defenses, you’ll understand what each unit is capable of.

And finally, it’s a damn good game.

Where We’re Going There Is No Single-Player
Prepare to be one of many. When Popcap and EA said they were making an online multiplayer shooter based on the Plants Vs. Zombies property, those words were carefully chosen. With the exception of a split screen co-op Horde-ish mode, all of Garden Warfare is online and multiplayer. There is no story mode tacked on, no training area to practice in. The closest you can come is starting a round of Garden Ops — plants defending against 10 waves of enemies — and set the room to invite-only.

Know Your Character Classes
Everybody has their own particular play style, especially when it comes to multiplayer shooters. If you’re new to the genre entirely, go ahead and hop from class to class until you find one that feels right. If you’re coming in with a play style in mind, however, read on to see which plants and zombies are right for you.

The Plants

The Peashooter: The cannon-fodder of the original game is a little bit front-line fighter and a whole lot of scout. The Peashooter can fire bombs, which is nice, but it can also briefly run super fast and jump super high. Coupled with the ability to root itself and become a fixed turret, the Peashooter’s primary role is to sit on roofs and be complete jerks.

The Chomper: Possibly the scariest plant to see up close, the Chomper has the ability to burrow underground, popping up under enemy zombies and devouring them in one bite. Normally a player can be bursed back to health when they die — Chompers ensure they have to respawn back in a proper, out-of-the-way location. The trade-off is that once the Chomper eats, it’s slow and vulnerable for a brief period, so choose your targets wisely.

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands - A survival game recently released on iOS

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands – A survival game recently released on iOS

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands – A survival game recently released on iOS. The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands is a new release on the App Store for iOS users to experience. And this is a 2D survival game that is highly rated on the BXH.

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands – A survival game recently released on iOS

If you’re bored with familiar RPGs, plotting games with intricate instructions, you might want to try the new feel of The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands. The new 2D was released.

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands is a multi-platform game developed and released by Xigma Games, which launched the game on March 9 on both platforms, Windowa for PC and iOS for mobile users. . Entering The Bonfire, the player must start at zero, collecting raw materials and items to build their own shelter.

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The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands - A survival game recently released on iOS

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands – A survival game recently released on iOS

Once the player has perfected a solid base, the wanderers will visit and look forward to staying live and working in your village. Your task now is to manage your workers and warriors, to balance the tasks of gathering, building, defending and even fighting. The game is divided into two periods of day and night, in which day is work time, night is the time you have to strengthen protection as well as willing to fight.

The ultimate goal in this iOS game is the survival as well as the development of the building. The interesting thing about the game is that you do not have to follow a certain path, the player decides to control the production or fight the fierce monsters. The workers in your village have specific characteristics such as the level of hunger and energy, which directly affects the level of performance of the work you deliver.

In addition to the unique game play, The Bonfire also offers players a graphical background designed with hand-painted rather simple but quite attractive by combining dark tone, creating a dark atmosphere, dark living substance. The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands is currently ranked high in the Strategy category on the App Store.

It is known that in order to enjoy this game, players need to pay an amount of about 89,000 VND – a figure not small but absolutely worth it. I wish you enjoy this new game is fun!

Cut The Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2: Top 4 tips, tricks

There are lots of ways to play through Cut the Rope, which is part of what makes it such a popular game. That doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of tips and tricks to help you get Om Nom through levels and to his prized candy faster. From finding secret items to completing additional challenges, Cut the Rope 2 is packed full of different ways to earn bonus items, unlock additional levels, and more. Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats to help you along the way…

1. There’s more than one way to feed an Om Nom

Restarting a level in the Cut the Rope is a button tap away and you should use restart fairly often. Don’t be afraid to cut ropes, tap on items to see what they do, drop candy, and more. One of my favorite things about Cut the Rope has always been the no pressure atmosphere of the game. The point is to think things through and solve the puzzle that’s set in front of you. Not all of us can do that in one shot, and that’s perfectly okay.

Cut The Rope 2

2. Explore each level, don’t be afraid to restart

Restarting a level in the Cut the Rope is a button tap away and you should use restart fairly often. Don’t be afraid to cut ropes, tap on items to see what they do, drop candy, and more. One of my favorite things about Cut the Rope has always been the no pressure atmosphere of the game. The point is to think things through and solve the puzzle that’s set in front of you. Not all of us can do that in one shot, and that’s perfectly okay.

3. Beat the clock for a better score

It’s relatively easy to get all three stars in each level, but it isn’t easy to get top scores. This goes back to tip #1 in which there’s normally more than one way to complete a level. Naturally some of those ways are much faster than others. Your score is directly related to not only how many stars you get (you only need one in order to clear the level and move one), but how fast you manage to do it. If you want top rankings in Game Center, you’ll need to replay some levels in order to complete levels faster.

4. Know your enemies, friends, and obstacles around you

Many obstacles stand in Om Nom’s way but there’s just as many friends that appear to help him. So along with exploring each level like I stated in tip #2, make sure you’re also aware of what each friend brings to the table. For example, in levels where Lick is present the first thing I always do is tap on him to see exactly what he attaches himself to. That way I can see clear paths and tie in the other objects and obstacles relatively easily.

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Hot news on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Hot news on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Hot news on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Treyarch has officially announced a variety of information on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, including zombies mode, multiplayer mode and … Battle Royale mode “rumors”

Hot news on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was officially announced late on May 17th by Treyarch, with a great deal of information regarding the various modes in the game. Basically, Black Ops 4 will give fans the multiplayer and the Zombies, but it seems Treyarch is determined to be “singled out” with the single player – which is what helped Call of Duty. In today’s FPS game world – instead the Battle Royale mode to catch up with the trend of the times. Let’s take a look back at the information gathered by Treyarch revealed the next Call of Duty game.

The details are still kept private, but the core gameplay element of Battle Royale is already clear. A large map is said to be 100 times the size of a regular multiplayer map, with a large population (though not exactly sure how much), and each player will go looking for equipment, weapons to defeats other players.

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Hot news on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Hot news on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Multiplayer has been seen as a key element of the recent Call of Duty franchise, as a way to engage players with the game after the campaign. But with Black Ops 4 this year, Treyarch has boldly dropped the single player, and is completely focused on the multiplayer game that many fans are enjoying. With the multiplayer trailer below, Activision along with Treyarch explained how this year’s game enhances the quality standards fans are expecting for this long-standing brand, while noting that multiplayer will bring a realistic follow-up experience.

Walls and support of previous Call of Duty (as in Advanced Warfare and the previous Black Ops) were removed. Infinite Warfare has been criticized for its futuristic background and lack of ground-based play, and Call of Duty: WW2 was praised for its realistic gameplay style, perhaps a The idea is quite wise for multiplayer. Black Ops 4 will also bring the Specialist characters introduced in BO3 back.

The characters Ruin, Firebreak and Seraph will re-release, along with two new characters, Tork and Crash. Each character will have his own skills, such as Firebreak using a flamethrower, Tork can put barbed wire, and Crash have healing skills. Ruin’s crochet hooks can help him lunge at the enemy, though it may sound counterintuitive to the “clinging to the ground” approach, but in the trailer it is also interesting.

Although Black Ops 4 has abandoned the single-player version, Treyarch promises a large amount of story content, allowing players to learn more about the specialists and their background story, which means that fans There are more reasons to choose your favorite Specialist than the ability factor. It should also be mentioned in the storyline of Zombies in Black Ops 4, in the hope that the story-lovers feel contented. In addition, Treyarch also describes in detail important changes in how weapons work.

Now weapons are not only 3D tracker to help players see where the bullets come from, but the accessories attached are specific to each weapon separately, instead of “where you installed” as in previous Call of Duty releases. Finally, a new shock system, affecting the feel of each weapon. It is too early to know that these changes are consistent with the trend of Call of Duty players who have dominated multiplayer games over the years, but the trailer above shows Call of Duty: Black Ops. 4 will have a Beta, allowing players to experience the game, and provide feedback to the publisher before the official launch.

Super Mario Odyssey Easter eggs you missed

Super Mario Odyssey Easter eggs you missed

Super Mario Odyssey isn’t just Mario’s biggest adventure ever, or one of the best games of 2017. It’s also a giant, sprawling love letter to every facet of Mario history. Super Mario Odyssey might take Mario further than he’s ever been from the Mushroom Kingdom, but the entire journey is absolutely drenched in callbacks to his long and storied past, with Easter eggs that recall his first appearance in Donkey Kong, his player-created Super Mario Maker stages, and anything and everything in between.

But unless you’re a dedicated Mario fan—and we know there are some of you out there—you may not appreciate just how far into the past some of Super Mario Odyssey’s Easter eggs go. That’s what we’re here for. Just watch out for spoilers: this list goes into some of the big surprises waiting for you. Don’t worry about it too much, though. Super Mario Odyssey is absolutely huge, and we’ve only scratched the surface of the many secrets it has to offer.

If you haven’t heard yet, Super Mario Odyssey lets you buy a variety of different outfits with your hard-earned coins. That’s right: if you’ve gotten tired of Mario’s red and blue getup—or, if after 36 years, you figure he’s simply due for a change of clothes—you’re welcome to give Mario a long-overdue makeover.

Super Mario Odyssey Easter eggs you missed

Super Mario Odyssey Easter eggs you missed

Some of the costumes are brand new to the Mario series (we don’t think that Mario’s ever gone goomba-hopping in a wedding dress or a fedora before), while others have pretty obvious origins. While Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi aren’t in Super Mario Odyssey (or, if they are, nobody’s found them yet), their green, yellow, and purple outfits are all available for purchase. Similarly, Mario’s “Classic Suit” makes his overalls red and his shirt blue, just like the clothes he wore in the very first Super Mario Bros. (blue overalls didn’t become the official standard until Super Mario Bros. 3).

Many of Mario’s other alternate outfits, however, are fairly deep cuts from Super Mario history, and you won’t recognize them unless you’re a diehard fan. The “Chef Suit” recalls Mario’s days baking in Yoshi’s Cookie. The safari-ready “Explorer Suit” is a nod to the Game Boy puzzler Mario’s Picross, while the “Poncho Costume” resembles Mario’s duds in the Game Boy edition of Qix (as well as one of his getups in the Japanese-only anime, Super Mario Bros.: Pīchi-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen!). The “Painter Outfit” is references box art for the Super Nintendo title Mario Paint, the patriotic “Golf Outfit” is from Open Tournament Golf, while the “Aviator Outfit” and accompanying cap look like the clothes Mario wears in his first portable outing, Super Mario Land, during that game’s shoot ’em up plane levels.

The costumes listed above aren’t the only outfits in Super Mario Odyssey that recall classic Mario looks, although you may not catch some of the references unless you happen to be very familiar with Mario’s Japanese heritage.

For example, the “Mechanic Outfit” is borrowed from Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally, a Japan-only racing game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Mario and Luigi wear the outfit on the game’s box art. While it’s allegedly a solid racing game, it never made its way west. Not only was Famicom Grand Prix II exclusive to the Family Computer Disk System, which was never released in America, but Nintendo of America executives didn’t think that the game was cool enough to sell in the USA (director Kazunobu Shimizu took those criticisms personally, too, and funneled his rage into his next racing game, the Super Nintendo launch title F-Zero).

Mario’s “Fashionable Outfit”—which, to our untrained eyes, is more gaudy than it is truly fashionable—isn’t as old of a reference, but that doesn’t make it any less obscure. In 2014, when Nintendo released its souped-up version of the 3DS portable, the New 3DS, it launched a Japanese advertising campaign starring singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and a full roster of Nintendo characters. During the ad, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s music gives Nintendo’s classic characters brand new clothes. Link gets a dapper green tuxedo, Pikachu dresses like a king, and Mario wears the spotted shorts, striped shirt, and plaid undershirt that make the “Fashionable Outfit” so, ahem, unique.

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Million Onion Hotel Review

Million Onion Hotel Review

Million Onion Hotel Review – I have a four-year-old son who doesn’t really like playing the Whac-A-Mole games in malls or wherever. I am happy about that, because it’s actually me who has to finish the game in order to show him how it’s done. Yeah, right…

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Million Onion Hotel Review

The thing is that I have this thing for smacking the animals popping up here and there with the little hammer and feel like an almighty God. Some would say that I have some mental problems to find satisfaction in such puerile games, but I don’t care. For as long as I can, I will “teach” my son to play Whac-A-Mole games.

The thing is that after my first playthrough – my first try at Million Onion Hotel – I was confused. I was strangely satisfied, even happy, but I was confused. I had no idea what just happened, what type of game I played and what was the point of everything, including the dude in underwear in the hotel and that mean, mean lady and all those people who seem to have a thing for onion soup.

But then I played again. And I didn’t really care about the fact that I was a bit less confused and I learned an extra thing or two. I had tons of fun in a strange, bizarre way. And that’s all that matters when you’re playing games (plus or minus the “strange, bizarre” part).

So, yes, Million Onion Hotel is basically Whac-A-Mole on steroids: you can play it with two fingers or 10, trying to hit as many of the vegetables appearing on the board as possible, doing your best to create lines or combos that help you go up the levels, collecting soldiers along the way and defeating strange looking bosses.

Million Onion Hotel Review

Million Onion Hotel Review

You have to pay attention to the insane chaos on the board and collect extra time clocks, hold umbrellas to protect yourself from falling rockets or other projectiles that reduce your time and hope for the best. Quick thinking has to be on your characteristics list because there’s usually chaos on the board. And this somehow works wonderfully!

The gameplay is just perfect for mobile. Touch controls work wonderfully and the music and sound effects are amiable. Hearing the little hum from each onion as I tap it is a simple joy. The pixel art is quite lovely but often too dark for its own good, like trying to read a menu at a restaurant that doesn’t list its prices. A dim presentation can be nice in small doses but there are times where I adjust the brightness on my phone to keep playing, something I have only done for this app. There can also be very brief instances of slowdown — on my phone at least — when too damn much is happening on screen at one time.

None of these quibbles detract from how enjoyable I find Million Onion Hotel. Gunning for a high score keeps me interested, but it’s the batshit insane story has me restarting non-stop after every game over. The prologue can be found on app store pages and in various story cards I collect through each run. They reveal a little about Doctor Peace and his strange hotel, located in Hennokokora, a continent currently in the midst of a war. It’s all cute and appropriately charming.

The main storyline, told through vignettes featuring soup, sex, guns, the mob, and enough pixelated nudity to make Custer’s Revenge blush, is so off the wall that I laugh in disbelief. Did I really just see that? I sit at my desk continually pushing myself to do better and better and better so I can see just what happens next. Level 50 isn’t enough. 500,000 points aren’t enough. I must do more.

Only the best players will see the story through to the end outside of just watching a Let’s Play. Every run of the game starts from square one and goes from there. I set a new personal best with each run, inching closer and closer to an eight-figure score.

Million Onion Hotel is another winner from Onion Games and Yoshiro Kimura. It’s fascinating, freakish, and further proof invigorating games can be found on mobile platforms if you just know where to look.

Source: 2androids.net