Top 10 hottest Android apps in 2018

Vào cuối tháng, chúng tôi nhận được rất nhiều ứng dụng Android xuất hiện trên CH Play, nhưng điều đó khiến việc theo dõi mọi thứ trở nên khó khăn. Bài viết dưới đây sẽ giúp bạn chọn Top 10 ấn tượng nhất, ấn tượng nhất trong năm 2018.

1. CamToPlan


CamToPlan là một ứng dụng tích hợp công nghệ thời gian thực biến điện thoại của bạn thành một đo sáng ảo có thể đo khoảng cách hoặc kích thước của các đối tượng thực tế thông qua điện thoại camera. Bạn có thể đo bất cứ thứ gì từ camera của điện thoại như bàn làm việc, sàn nhà, kích thước đồ đạc, thảm … mà không phải quỳ xuống để xác định số đo. Thậm chí nhiều hơn so với một người cai trị hoặc một mét khoảng cách laser. Một công cụ mang tính cách mạng biến đổi cách làm việc truyền thống với kiến trúc sư và nhà thiết kế.

2. Rừng: Tập trung


A simple, easy-to-use game that lets you restrict your phone usage to focus on work. The task in the game is easy, every 30 minutes do not touch the phone, you will grow trees for the forest. Growing more trees is equivalent to real time. Every 30 minutes, you only need to open the phone once to sow and then if for 30 minutes you do not use any other application, a tall tree will appear. And you can plant it in the forest. After decorating your own forest, let your friends see how well you can focus on your real life.

3. Google News


Google News is a Google product that replaces the Google Play Newsstand app to aggregate news automatically. Recommended for those who like to read the newspaper, want to keep up to date with the latest news, event tracking or topics from medical, lifestyle to technology, world news or local. .

4. Horizon Explorer ARCore


Horizon Explorer is a new ARCore application. You move the camera to a hill, village … and Horizon Explorer will tell you all the location information you want to target: the name, distance, elevation and map of the landmark will be displayed in umbrella. 3D image. Horizon Explorer works around the world, but works best on top of a hill with unobstructed views.

5. Material Gallery


The document library is a new tool for developers in Google. This is a collaborative tool for downloading design work, getting feedback and tracking design releases – quickly and efficiently. This companion app lets you view, share, and leave feedback on design work right from your phone.

6. Opera Touch


Opera Touch is a new web browser for Android released by Opera. This browser is optimized for single-handed use and improves the sharing of content between mobile and desktop browsers. Special features of the Quick Action will always show up on your browser screen and give you direct access to instant search. Opera Touch also includes other features such as ad blocking, QR code scanning, bar codes and speed dial features that change the way you browse the web and more.

7. Siempo


Siempo is a minimalist Android launcher. It helps to avoid unnecessary harassment on the phone after a tired day. The whole is completely customizable. However, it will take a while to set up. In addition, the app will ask for your intent as you type. Then, it lets you flag specific apps you do not want to see. So if you want to focus on work, you can hide Facebook, YouTube, etc. This is a neat and subtle idea.

8. Steam Link


Steam Link is a new Steam application that lets you connect your phone to your Steam account and play games. The app works in a similar way to Nvidia’s online game service. Steam Link will allow players to transfer their favorite games from the Steam platform from PC to smartphone via 5GHz Wi-Fi connection. This application will also support the default resolution for most games, which is 1080p 60fps and upto 4k 60fps for a perfect gaming experience.

9. VPNhub

ung dung-android-hot-nhat-9

VPNhub is a VPN service that comes from Pornhub with unlimited free bandwidth, does not record any user data and is not geographically limited. With VPNhub, you have “free and unlimited” VPN access with a number of privacy settings including hidden IP and enhanced privacy when using public WiFi.

10. YouTube Music


Google đã ra mắt một dịch vụ mới có tên Youtube Music. Đây là một ứng dụng cho phép bạn nghe nhạc mà không cần xem clip. Tất nhiên, nếu bạn muốn, bạn có thể xem nó. Bạn có thể tải xuống và cài đặt miễn phí, nhưng nếu bạn muốn trải nghiệm các tính năng hấp dẫn hơn thì bạn phải mua gói đăng ký.

tải xuống

Hoverwatch Gives You a Bird’s Eye View–Android App Review

Hoverwatch Gives You a Bird’s Eye View

Parents today definitely have a tough job when it comes to ensuring their loved ones are safe—even from themselves. One way that helps where online safety is concerned, is to monitor a variety of activities so you know what’s going on. Privacy, or the lack thereof, is a touchy subject but in some cases, such as parents of young kids with smartphones, parent’s have a duty to know what their kids are doing and make sure they’re safe. You may have other reasons to monitor online activity, and in cases where it’s perfectly legal, it’s good to know there are tools and services available to get the job done.

An excellent option for monitoring a host of online activities is Hoverwatch. Developed by Refog, Inc., Hoverwatch is a fantastic way to keep tabs on all sorts of activities being done on the device you want to track, as well as the location of the device itself. Be it a an Android device, an iOS device, a Windows computer or a Mac you can easily keep track of text messages, WhatsApp messages, Facebook activity, the device’s location, and more.

tải xuống

Hoverwatch Gives You a Bird’s Eye View

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Concept and Functionality Hoverwatch gives you basically what you would expect: users can install the application on the intended tracking device, and then monitor its use from afar in real time without the actual user knowing. That sounds invasive (and it is, we suppose) but there’s good reason for it. With Hoverwatch, a parent can easily see what their child has been up to, and determine if any monitored activities have potentially endangered them. The application keeps records of all incoming and outgoing text messages, regardless of whether they’re deleted on the device or not. Likewise, all call records are kept safely on the company’s servers. Hoverwatch Android App It goes beyond this, though. Let’s say the individual with the device is not where they’re supposed to be—you’re concerned, but what do you do? By using GPS tracking, Hoverwatch can monitor the devices location, allowing you (or the authorities) to quickly locate it and resolve the situation. You can even listen to the device’s surroundings through the application, allowing for unprecedented control and security. It’s smooth, effective, and endlessly useful. And if you’re using another application similar to Catch Me If You Can, we can assure you that it offers as many or more features.

Design and Graphics When it comes to layout and design, Hoverwatch is also everything we could hope for and more. It’s good-looking, easy to navigate, and of course, totally silent. If you don’t want the device user to know the application is running in the background, they will never see it. This allows or perfect security across the board, which is of pretty obvious value. We also appreciated how well the desktop, browser-based version of the app ties directly into the mobile app. You can, in fact, have a number of devices all running Hoverwatch, and monitor them all directly from the Web. This kind of functionality is not only useful, but downright gorgeous.

Overall Value At the end of the day, Hoverwatch is a terrific app with a specific purpose. The Personal edition lets you track one device and is $19.95 per month or $8.99 per month if you sign up for one year. The Family Plan lets you monitor up to 5 devices and $39.95 per month or $199.95 for a year, which comes out to $3.33 per month for each of 5 devices. If you’re interested in the functionality of this type of app, it’s worth it to check out the site to see all that the service covers. And as stated, if have a legitimate need for an app like this one, Hoverwatch is easily one of the best in the genre. Hoverwatch is easy to set up, easy to use, solid, well-designed, and feature-packed.

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Become A Piano Pro With Flowkey On The App Store

Become a Piano Pro with flowkey

There are tons of Android apps and games available that will help you learn a new skill or hobby. While most of them won’t replace in-person instruction, it’s still a fantastic way to learn at home or on the go.

flowkey: Learn Piano is an incredible music app that teaches you how to play piano using a real piano or keyboard. The app provides real-time feedback without the cumbersome use of cords or expensive software.

Concept and Functionality


flowkey is the perfect combination

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flowkey: Learn Piano, by Flowkey, certainly isn’t the first app of its kind, but it is definitely one of the most successful. The developers have created a wonderful feature-rich environment that encourages users to press on and practice their skills. Unlike most teaching apps, flowkey’s musical repertoire expands far beyond classic titles like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. You can learn and practice popular songs by artists like Jason Mraz and Bob Dylan. This is awesome for people who want to learn how to play songs they already know and love.

When it comes to navigation, flowkey is the perfect combination of functionality and visual appeal. You can easily find everything you’re looking for in just a few taps.

As I mentioned above, the coolest thing about flowkey is the fact that you can play along with an instrument you already own. Essentially is like having an instructor right next to you, providing instantaneous feedback and tips on how to improve your technique.



Become a Piano Pro with flowkey

flowkey is packed with many features that truly make it an outstanding educational app. For example, you can watch video tutorials and see sheet music right on the screen. You can also save your favorite songs for easy access, making it a breeze to keep practicing. There are many special features, as well, including the ability to slow songs down. This is perfect for mastering difficult chords because you can practice at your own pace.


flowkey can be downloaded from Google Play for free, but there is a monthly subscription fee for the premium version of the app. As mentioned on the app’s store page, “A one-month subscription is $19.99, a three months’ subscription is $38.99 and a yearly subscription is $119.99.”

Overall, I don’t think the premium subscription is enough to deter serious users. According to Angie’s List, “On average, piano lessons can cost between $30 and $60 per hour.” It’s pretty easy to see how flowkey can pay for itself in no time at all. If you’re serious about learning how to play piano, we think flowkey is an app you simply can’t pass up. It is highly recommended and we encourage you to give it a try even if you don’t plan on taking advantage of the premium subscription.


Google Maps just made exploring cities easier than ever–Apps Archives

Google Maps just made exploring cities easier than ever

Google is rarely one for a fanfare, and the recent changes to Google Maps likely went unnoticed by many. Aside from some delicate aesthetic improvements, Google has now added “areas of interest”. These algorithmically selected and highlighted areas could change the way you explore cities both new and familiar.

You may have noticed that Google Maps has developed a breakout of peachy blotches. These areas of discoloration over the face of the earth are symptomatic of a new feature that Google recently rolled out.

Each peachy stain represents an “area of interest”, that is, an area particularly busy with economic and social activity, be it shops, bars or restaurants.


AndroidPIT google maps areas of interest 1

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The new shading extends to individual buildings. / © AndroidPIT Browsing around Berlin, I found the results to be pretty accurate, highlighting popular and interesting areas containing many of my favorite spots. That is not to say the algorithm is perfect. There are problems: some cities are all but covered in orange, only businesses added to Google Maps register, and, ultimately, Google is not really in the cartography business but the advertising business.

Nonetheless, for a quick overview, it’s a very promising feature, and one that I will no doubt find myself using the next time I visit a new city or head to a neighborhood I am unfamiliar with.


AndroidPIT google maps areas of interest 2

Some cities, such as Prague, are a little over-saturated. / © AndroidPIT And, as is Google’s forte, it has implemented something extremely complex in a deceptively simple fashion, so simple that is easily overlooked or underestimated.

Aside from this exciting addition, Google has made Maps subtly more attractive, dispensing with inessential elements, such as road outlines, and adjusting its color scheme to make different areas and building types more readily distinguishable.

What do you think of Google’s areas of interest? Will you be making use of the new feature?


Make Free Calls to India with Indycall

Indycall is an exceptional free calling app for calling numbers with an India country code (e.g. +91). Developed by Promophone, Indycall lets users call any phone in India for free while enjoying excellent call quality and without having to worry about spending money on fees. Features Indycall primarily features the ability to call any phone in India for free over an active internet connection. Indycall is unique in that it doesn’t have any option to buy credits or require payment of any sort. Indycall stands out from the other Wi-Fi free calling apps (e.g. Skype, Viber, etc.), by letting users call any phone number in India instead of just calling other users who also have the app. Indycall does have a time limit for each call, and users will see the maximum duration permitted for the call next to the phone number they are dialing. This may deter those who enjoy chatting for extended periods of time, but there is no limit to the amount of times a call can be made to a number. Users can continue to call back if their time expires. To call numbers in Indycall, users need to dial a “+” sign or “00”, followed by the country code and phone number. Indycall doesn’t require users to sign-in using Facebook, but those who do so will receive more calling minutes as well as more applicable ads.

Make Free Calls to India with Indycall

Make Free Calls to India with Indycall

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Indycall is very relevant and useful for making calls to India (even from overseas!). The call quality is great (depending on internet connection) and although the ads are sometimes bothersome, it certainly beats having to pay extraordinary amounts for placing an international call. Appearance and Layout Indycall has an impressively clean and well-manicured appearance with an easily readable font and a simple fuze color scheme. The layout of Indycall is similar to a basic phone-calling app and makes use of the user’s phone book. Icons are the normal dialpad, recent contacts, phone book, etc making it easy to find the numbers or contacts you’re looking for. The superb appearance and layout of Indycall makes this app a thrill to use. Value Indycall is free to download and use and does not ever prompt for payment for anything. Indycall is supported by advertisements, so users watch an advertisement each time before making a call. At only 14 MB to download, Indycall is an incredible app for users who either live in India or make regular calls to India.


Android L vs Android M preview: What new features will you get on?

ANDROID L VS ANDROID M PREVIEW At Google I/O 2015, the internet giant predictably gave us our first look at the next version of Android, its mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets. Android 5.0 Lollipopupdates are still rolling out but here’s a look at what Android M will bring in terms of new features. Here’s our Android L vs Android M preview. Note: Before we launch into the comparison, it’s worth noting that this is the Android M Developer Preview (which we’re runing on the Nexus 6) so the new operating system is still very much a work in progress and will change by the time it launches properly. Therefore this article is something of a preview and we’ll update it when Android M is fully launched. See also: Android M vs iOS 9 comparison.

Android M screenshots

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We’re not going to go crazy with side-by-side screenshots of Android L and Android M here since Google has pretty much kept things the same. Lollipop was the version with something of an overhaul of the interface and Android M keeps the Material Design.

There are a few tweaks though such as a microphone icon at the bottom-left of the lockscreen instead of the phone (for the dialler) so you can quickly conduct a voice search or command. The app menu (or app draw) now displays vertically (as does the widgets drawer) with apps split into alphabetical groups – you can use the scroll bar at the side to quickly navigate to a particular letter. Plus there’s a new bar at the top which shows your four most recently used apps. Smaller changes include two fields for memory management so you can see average and maximum amount of RAM an app has used. SD cards can also be formatted to appear as internal storage which will keep things nice and neat.

Unfortunately the Quick Settings can’t be rearranged as standard but there is a new addition in the form of do not disturb (DND). You can edit them with the device in Developer Mode switched on and the SystemUI Tuner also switched on.


To compete with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, Google has announced Android Pay for Android M. It will let you pay for things (at participating stores) with your phone without needing to open an app. It uses NFC and Google said it will be accepted at over 700,000 stores in the US soon – there’s no word on other markets. You can choose which card to pay with across multiple devices and your card information won’t even be part of the transaction. Google said: “Instead we’ll use a virtual account number to represent your account information – providing you with an extra layer of security.” Android M Android Pay


Fingerprint scanners are already around on various devices but Android M has native fingerprint support which enhances Android Pay by allowing users to confirm a purchase with their fingerprint. Your fingerprint can be also used to unlock devices and make purchases on Google Play. “With new APIs in M, it’s easy for you to add fingerprint authorization to your app and have it work consistently across a range of devices and sensors,” said Google.


The permissions apps require in Android have always been something of a sore point, with many apps asking for way more than necessary and looking on the dodgy side. Well Android M is putting the control into the hands of the user. Apps will request certain permissions at runtime so you can choose whether to grant it or not but you can also control the individual permissions for each app in the settings. Android M App Permissions


We always want better battery life and short of new battery technology software has a big part to play. In Android M, a feature called Doze will use sensors to detect when a device is not in use and put it into a deep sleep type mode. You’ll still receive important notifications and the like but it has the potential to double battery life which is what Google has seen running Android M on the Nexus 9.


Although battery life should be better, you’ll need to charge your device eventually and Android M supports USB Type C which is reversible so you can’t plug it in the wrong way and could well be on the Nexus 5 2015. Even better is the fact it will charge your device quicker (three to five times) and you can use it to charge other devices if needs be. Android M Now on Tap


Google Now is helpful for all kinds of things within Android but it’s going to get better in Android M. Now on tap means you can press and hold the home button whenever you need help – Google Now will appear without you needing to navigate anywhere and will already know what you’re doing like trying to find the way to a restaurant.



With the same Material Design at the heart of Android M, it’s not a big OS update but the tweaks and new features are all welcome. Stay tuned for more on Android M as we approach the full launch.


Take Candid Photos with Spopic

Spopic is a unique and interesting photo-taking app that let’s you take candid photos while using your phone. Developed by Valiko, Spopic takes spontaneous photos for you whenever you talk on the phone. It’s a rather unique approach to photography and will definitely take interesting photos for you. Features Spopic primarily features an app that automatically takes photographs every time it senses that your phone is by your ear. Once you bring your phone to your ear, Spopic will take a picture. The picture is then saved onto your phone’s internal storage. By swiping up or down, users can share or  delete photos taken. By swiping left or right, users can view the photos they’ve taken with Spopic. Users can turn off Spopic whenever they want to by simply tapping the on/off icon. Overall, we found Spopic to be quite fascinating and thought the photos it took were often so random and candid that it was actually rather interesting and entertaining. Most of the photos it took for us seemed to be tilted at an awkward angle (since very rarely do people hold their phone vertically up and down while talking), but they were easy to rotate and fix. We felt that Spopic might be a great app to use as a way to subtly take photos (e.g. when in a place where photo taking might be frowned upon).

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Appearance and Layout

Spopic Android App

Spopic Android App

Spopic has one of the most basic interface appearances that we’ve seen, with rough boxes and hard colors. We felt like we were looking at an unfinished app and felt that the app could definitely be made to look better. Since it is so simple and basic, it might appeal to those who like using simple apps with basic GUIs. Simple would be an understatement for the layout of Spopic. The options (on/off), share (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and delete are all easy to find and use. It would be hard to get confused with the layout in this app! The overall appearance and layout of Spopic is minimalist in its approach and simple to use. Value Spopic is completely free to download and use. At only 3 MB to download, Spopic is an easy app to get and use on your phone (if even occasionally). Spopic can even get you those photos that you otherwise wouldn’t have taken when in a foreign country or when you don’t want to attract too much attention to yourself. Overall, we enjoyed using Spopic and although we felt that it was quite basic, its minimalist approach gets the job done. Check it out and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.


Bubble Shooter Lost Temple APK for Android

It’s time for a bubble shooting adventure! Pop every last bubble before your shots run out!There are 400 fun levels to beat in the mysterious lost temple. Match at least three colors to burst chains of bubbles. Earn special power-ups and solve the puzzle of the lost temple. Beehive – Drop 10 bubbles or more and a swarm of angry bees will clear all the bubbles around it. Magic beam – Pop 7 bubbles in a row and a powerful magic beam will cut a path. How to play
  •  Match three bubbles of the same color to pop the group.
  •  Drag your finger to aim with the sights and let go to fire.
  •  There’s no time limit, but you have a limited number of shots to clear the level.
  •  Once you pop every bubble of a particular color, it won’t return.
  •  Special bubble types make it tougher to clear the level.

Try to get three stars on every level in this addictive bubble shooter game. Explore the lost temple, solve the puzzles and discover the bubble popping fun for yourself.

Bubble Shooter Lost Temple Screenshots

Bubble Shooter Lost Temple apk screenshot

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Bubble Shooter Lost Temple Permissions:

Find accounts on the device:
Allows the app to get the list of accounts known by the device. This may include any accounts created by applications you have installed.
Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage:
Allows the app to write to the USB storage.
Read the contents of your USB storage:
Allows the app to read the contents of your USB storage.
View Wi-Fi connections:
Allows the app to view information about Wi-Fi networking, such as whether Wi-Fi is enabled and name of connected Wi-Fi devices.

Splash of Fun Coloring Game For Kids – App For Creation

Splash of Fun Coloring Game is an entertaining and educational art game for Android devices. Developed by Polish app developer Bobibobi, Splash of Fun Coloring Game is designed to fill the imagination of youngsters as they paint, color and draw to their heart’s content without having to use any actual paper or art supplies. unnamed

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Features Splash of Fun Coloring Game is an art app for children around the ages of two and three years old, but it also can be incredibly fun for older children and adults too (adult coloring books are now quite a big deal)! This app has lots of neat features that make it a win for kids. There is a variety of images to color, categorized into: for girls, dinosaurs, animals and nature, fruit and vegetables, underwater, and vehicles. There are over 200 extended colors and 18 basic colors to be used, and even the option to create your own images. Similar to various MSPaint-like programs and apps, Splash of Fun Coloring Game uses the common bucket tool to fill large areas at once, as well as paint, crayon and spray paint tools.


Splash of Fun Coloring Game Android App Review

Users can also add in highlights and shadows, use the eraser tool to fix mistakes, use an undo or redo functionality and change the size of whichever tool they are using. Splash of Fun Coloring Game also lets its users save their projects and work on them later. It is also possible to share saved creations on Facebook or send via email. Additionally there is built-in ambient background music (that can be turned off if needed or desired). Overall, Splash of Fun Coloring Game is a splendid game for entertaining kids (and adults) and can certainly help bring out the creativity stored up inside them. Appearance and Layout The appearance of Splash of Fun Coloring Game was designed with kids in mind and has a very friendly appearance. The background is pleasant to view and the colors are easy to see. The layout has been put together with thought, and each icon is well crafted (children who can’t read can still understand what the icon images mean). For some adults, it might be hard selecting a specific color on a small Android device, but kids generally are able to select the one they want easily. The general appearance and layout of Splash of Fun Coloring Game is excellent and very well put together. Value The Splash of Fun Coloring Game is free to use and only 14 MB to download. The replayability of this Android game is endless because it is up to the user’s mind how creative they want to be. Since the Splash of Fun Coloring Game can also act as a basic Paint-like app, adults can find extra value in it too! Go ahead and give it a try!


I Love Preschool For Kids With Offers over 50 Activities to Enjoy

I’ve always believed that tablets and phones are great learning tools for kids, and there certainly isn’t a shortage of educational apps available on Google Play. This means parents can always find something that’ll both entertain and educate their child without needless distractions. I Love Preschool features tons of fun and educational activities for kids to complete. Each activity is designed to stimulate learning and creativity, meaning your child will have fun figuring out how to do new things and complete tasks. Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

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Concept and Functionality When it come to children’s games, the one thing I focus heavily on is usability. It’s amazing how many games are too complicated and tricky to figure out, and kids just want to have fun. I Love Preschool, by Kids Games Projects, is just the opposite; menu navigation is very easy and instructions are clear and easy to understand. Each level in I Love Preschool features a text and audio overview of how to complete it, and kids can navigate through the menu via left and right arrow buttons. Activities are depicted by picture only, but that shouldn’t be a problem for kids who are just exploring the app and playing games at random. Features

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

I Love Preschool Android App

I’ve mentioned multiple times that I Love Preschool features many activities for kids to enjoy, but just how many are there? Currently the number sits at just over 50, which means it’s very unlikely that your child will run out of things to do anytime soon. It also means that the developer can freely add new activities in future updates. I Love Preschool is the perfect app to bring along on your summer vacation trip to entertain and educate your young ones. It also features multilingual support for languages such as Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, and Polish. Changing the language also changes both text and audio narration for activities, which is perfect for parents of multilingual kids. They can learn new words this way and experience the language they’re learning in a natural way. Value I Love Preschool is available to download from Google Play for free and currently doesn’t include in-app purchases. The developer mentioned advertisements, but I didn’t come across any during my review period. If ads are enabled, it will likely deter parents from downloading the game and handing it to their child, but the developer mentioned that ads can be disabled via in-app purchase when they’re added. Personally I’d rather pay a few bucks for the game simply because it offers tons of things for kids to do and is definitely a quality app. Overall, I Love Preschool is worth checking out if you’re the parent of a preschooler and you actively use your Android device as a learning tool. It’s very fun to play, easy to figure out, and kids have tons of cool activities at their disposal.