All Is Lost – What is lost here is… reality!

More comments on the sailing, navigation etc. I live in the Indian Ocean (Mauritius) and I can guarantee that outside the coral reef the waves are never smaller than 1mt/3feet, and most days it’s rather double that. A flat water like that happens once a year at most, and for no longer than a day. The storms too are unreal. We have cyclones, which last 2 weeks, with 3 days of very high winds and waves, but then the waves last another week or so, as the cyclone moves away, and you are still caught in its outer arms. In the movie it’s mad wind or nothing, like in Europe or the Atlantic, watch Check Point online free 365. The sailing is also wrong. If you leave your boat sailing in a storm with nobody at the wheel, there is no way you can control where it goes. That also means that you have no idea which direction and speed you moved for the whole night. You just cannot calculate your position unless you can estimate its drift. BTW, are those maps waterproof? always dry despite the amount of water they must have been floating into, watch action movies online free.

All Is Lost 2013

All Is Lost 2013

what is he looking at in his sextant? mermaids? there is no reference point anywhere around in the middle of the ocean, and you can only use a sextant with reference points like landmarks or stars. The height of the sun is useless to obtain the latitude because he is at equator, so the sun will always be at the zenith Go See “The Star”! It is a great entertaining movie. Not to talk about physics. There is no way that that container could float with a hole like that. If the shoes get out, then water gets in, and… it’s all steel! no air pocket could be large enough to keep it afloat. Otherwise the Titanic would still be sailing. When he abandons the life boat he seems to dive some 6-8mt (18-24 foot) deep. At that depth you need to equalize your ears, or you will break your tympani, which means… an awful pain! No way he could just float there like he’s asleep. He would be screaming and convulsing. In very salty waters, like the Indian, you just cannot sink unless you exhale, emptying your lungs. But if you do that, you will never manage to go back up again, as with your lungs empty you will need much more force to swim up, and if you try, you will quickly run out of oxygen… and die. Only an extreme skin diver could manage to surface from that depth with empty lungs Someone sees him under the water and lends him a hand. That is impossible, because with a burning fire in the middle of the night, you will not see a thing under the water, as the light of the flames will blind you. Besides, have you ever tried to touch the water from aboard an ocean size boat? you need a 10ft long arm at least, watch Chappie online for free. Finally, why is he wearing warm clothes and shivering around at the equator? why is the water in the boat before sinking green? why is his buoyancy negative when staying afloat? in the Indian Ocean you have all your head out of the water without even swimming. All this points to sweet water instead, so it was shot in a lake or a pool. Morale, they should have hired a competent Indian Ocean sailing adviser!


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