‘Mr. Heaven’: The trick is from the beautiful boy handsome

Chut (Sunny Suwanmethenon) and Jane (Yaya Urassaya) are brothers who have been together since childhood, being raised by their mother alone after their father left home. But when they grow up, they are “left-handed”.

Contrary to the brightness, the order of her younger brother, Chut is a lazy, delicate, never behaved like a brother brother. Everything in the house is shared by Jane, while Chut only knows how to dress up to go to the girl.

After spending four years studying in cherry blossom country and returning to Thailand, her sister applied for a job at a Japanese corporation. It is here that Jane emerges with his charismatic co-worker Moji (Nichkhun). They started dating, and the Thai-Japanese couple had an intention to propose to Jane soon.

It will not matter if the corporation that Jane worked not accidentally is the customer is hiring Chut advertising company. Knowing that his sister has a lover, Chut has “blood” brother and determined to use a monster to prevent the couple to escape.

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Imagination is pure comedy, turned out to be drama

In 2017, the producer GDH 559 of Thailand has made movie lovers around the world admiration for the school film bold thriller Bad Genius – genius rogue .Brother of the Year is the latest project of the company, followed in the style gentle, nhí bùi nature of the Thai.

From the trailer as well as the funniest poster, many viewers predict that the content of Brother of the Year will primarily revolve around the hoax “no touch” of his brother Chut. For comedic titles with counterfeit characters, viewers are looking forward to the conflict between Chut and “brother-in-law” Moji pushed to the climax.

'He is my name': He is very nice guy 2
The humor in the film is not much and mainly in the first half of the work.

In fact, GDH 559 has been very successful in distracting viewers, because the work is more emotional than humorous. The contradiction between Chut and Moji was resolved briefly, and the film circuit then focused mainly on the resolution of discord between brother and sister.

Discord comes from Chut’s self-deprecating sense, as Jane from childhood has proven superior to his brother in every way. Even when grown up, his private life is also interfered by her careful, orderly personality. Meanwhile, Jane always loves his brother “heaven beat,” but often feel ashamed when Chut never appear to be the real brother.

Surprise in the script is quite reasonable. According to many sources, the GDH 559 producer is trying to diversify the Thai film market as their colleagues have produced so many comedy or horror films. However, for those of you who go to Brother of the Year for the comedy trailer, they will probably feel a little lonely.

Cast “pretty boys, beautiful girls”

” Brother of the Year” starring Sunny Suwanmethenon, Yaya Urassaya and Nichkhun are all very popular characters in the Thai movie industry.

'He is my name': He is very nice guy 3
Jane and Moji make love story beautiful and romantic in the movie.

If Urassaya is impressed by the beauty of “Western” personality, then Nichkhun easy to please the audience of beauty thanks to the innocent, gentle face standard “good boys”. The emotional relationship between the two characters is very natural and lovely, a bit romantic and slightly as in the shōjo (female manga).

However, the “limelight” really belongs to Sunny Suwanmethenon’s Chut. Prior to Brother of the Year , he was able to showcase his acting skills in a number of humorous, romantic comedies such as Heart Attack and I Fine .. Thank You .. Love You.

While Jane and Moji are quite safe and do not have much change throughout the work, Chut’s psychological development is the “rib” of the film. Originally portrayed as “bad boy” lazy, mouth, Chut gradually make viewers more disturbed by the feelings that he tries to hide for long.

'He is my name': He is very nice guy 4
His brother “monster” Chut is the focus of the entire work.

Chut’s deep choice of psychological exploits make Brother of the Year as late as the rare comedy, funny as the beginning of the film. The atmosphere is so serious that the constant conflict between Chut and Jane is heavy, and the work itself becomes rampant at the end.

Overall, Brother of the Year is a highly entertaining work. However, be prepared for a psychological drama rather than humor as the producers advertised.

The movie is being shown nationwide under the title of his brother “heaven beat.”